Constant Ja - Colour Constant for Nuke Studio v1.0

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Contributor: Jared Michael
Creates a colour constant soft effect on Nuke Studio's timeline
10.0 or later
19 Feb 2016

This simple blink script allows creation of an RGBA constant in Nuke Studio 10's timeline. Apply to either a track or clip. Each channel can be controlled seperately.



// constantJa 0.1

// Blink script to create a simple colour constant
// Created by Jared Michael
// No rights reserved, feel free to share, modify, etc.

// Intended for use with Nuke Studio 10

// ------------------------
// Create a new blinkscript soft effect and load this file.
// Use sliders to adjust desired colour
// Brightness value can be lowered to darken image. Warning, this cause
the image to pop to red at values greater than 1.

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0 # p cc 2018-08-07 07:03
whenever i load the blink file my nuke studio crash immediately...
I am new in using blink script, is there anything correct step to do this or is a bug for nuke studio for loading blink script

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