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Contributor: Gavin Whittaker
This tool will help with Despill and edge blending with the background plate.
13.1, 12.2, 12.1, 12.0, 11.3, 11.2, 11.1, 11.0, 10 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
04 Apr 2022

*****Updated to V2.1**** 

Updated spill colour correction - Now leverages the power of SpinFX spill correction to assist with post despill correction. This is not activated by default - just press the 'Activate spill correction' checkbox to unlock options and controls
Improved masking controls - now you can choke or expand your mask directly from the control panel without the need to add more nodes.
Removed IBK Edge Extend - this proved to be too unreliable to keep in the tool so removed to avoid issues and keep the tool as simple to use as possible - now there is no need to cleanplate (CP) input.
General responsiveness and performance improvements - cleaned up and refined code to make it more performant.

*****Updated to V2**** 

V2 updates:

Added Spill colour adjust (based on Alpha Bias).
Now you can tweak the internal spill bias to counter any discolouration caused by screen colour contamination of spill.

After extensive testing, I have found that sometimes (especially with bluescreens) when screen colour is not pure blue or green, the spill can often become contaminated rather than neutral. 

You can use this additional control to offset the spill closer to neutral. this setting will still work perfectly when injecting BG or solid colour or any of edge extend options.


V2 updates  



This tool will help with Despill and edge blending with the background plate.
Has a number of options that can help with blending with BG.



  • Luminance based despill: despill image and restore original luminance.

  • Blend despill with a number of different options:
    • Use Background plate to blend despill --> despill image then insert BG plate into spill areas
    • Extend Edges for blending --> extend inside edge into spill areas
      • (2 options: Simple Blur and IBK extend)
    • Use a solid colour for despill
    • None: Remove chroma only - despill only the hue and keep original luminance

  • View spill map - View a map of where the spill occurs on the image - so that you can see exactly where you are working.

  • Double Mask options:
    • Mask the whole effect (this masks everything that the tool does)
    • Mask only the blending effect - keeps original despill and masks only the blending effect. 

First version and still developing improvements so always happy to hear from you about improvements.


To install place in appropriate plugin folder in .Nuke directory
(additional guidance for installing plugins can be found here:

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+1 # Andrey Sokolov 2021-10-26 17:35
;-) from v1.0 straight to v2.0 hmmmm
+3 # Gavin Whittaker 2021-10-27 14:03
haha, going for devil-may-care approach to versioning ;) :lol:

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