ConnectDot v1.0

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Contributor: Riley Gray
Dot that can auto connect to dots/nodes in the script you have labelled
12.0, 11.3, 11.2, 11.1, 11.0, 10.5, 10.0 or later
24 Jul 2020

condot Still Dag v001

Like many other versions of auto connecting hidden dots on nukepedia, this tool tries to make the hidden connections workflow in nuke more streamlined and efficient. This is a full package that will come with python functions that make it easier to create the connect dot (',' shortcut) and create its labelled outputs for connecting ('ctrl+,' shortcut).

For the most streamlined approach, creating dots without 'dot' in their name is the best way to label sections of your script for the connectdot to automatically connect to later. Functionally, using the connectdot is as simple as hitting the refresh button and picking a connection from the list. Selecting an item will automatically connect the input.

The Node has two distinct Modes: CameraDot and ConnectDot. CameraDot will by default look for dots without the word 'dot' in their names that are directly connected to a camera (you could have your rendercamera at the top of the script with a dot under it called 'Render_Cam' and the CameraDot will automatically find it everytime its created). you can also change the search method to search for cameras directly.

Similarly, by default the ConnectDot mode will look for dots without the word 'dot' in their names (assuming you renamed the dot). The (ctrl+,) function names the dot outputs this way and it is the most streamlined way of using the node.


Installation should be simple as you just have to put the ConnectDot folder into your .nuke and add one line to your and specified in the folder. Although you get more functionality by installing, the ConnectDot itself does not need to be installed to use it as all the python callbacks and buttons are on the node itself.



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