The community has voted...

...and the winner and recipient of a NukeX license as well as our Nukepedia satchel is:

Ivan Busquets

with 239 votes


 The runner ups with 187 and 82 votes respectively are:

Victor Perez

Diogo Girondi

Both Victor and Diogo will also receive our Nukepedia Satchel.

Congratulations Ivan, Victor and Diogo!

Almost 1,000 votes were cast over a month.  Thanks everyone who took the time to vote! 

And a special thanks to the sponsors of this little event: The Foundry and Intraware

Your most valuable players:

Ivan_bw Ivan Busquets

I've been in the VFX industry for 10 years now, and a Nuke user for about half that time,
although only as my main compositing package for the last 3 years or so.
I am originally from Spain,
and started my career in Barcelona, but work and life have taken
me to London, Vancouver and currently San Francisco.

Victor_bw Victor Perez

I'm harvesting pixels since 1997, the last 5 years using Nuke for feature films.
Currently I'm comping at Double Negative and teaching at cmiVFX.


Diogo Girondi

I've been working as a compositor for about 12 years now, and using Nuke
on a daily basis for the past 9 years. I'm now working at a new company called
QuantaPost here in Brazil.

Here are the complete voting results
Tool Wish List

Suggest and vote for tools that the Nukepedia community can create with Gizmos, Python, PySide etc.

If people start writing one of the suggested tools, it might be best to leave a comment and let people know, so we can avoid redundant work.

Comments (3)Mini nodegraph UI for Shuffle/ShuffleCopy nodes
Comments (5)Remove node with dynamic amount of channel/layer knobs (completed)
Comments (2)DeepShuffle, DeepCopy, DeepRemove node
Comments (3)Deconvolve tool (removes Motion Blur or Blur)
Comments (14)Brush Library / Preset's etc for Paint, Softness / Size / Clone Offset / Overl/Dodge/Burn etc
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