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Contributor: BarryWang

10,149.85 Kb

This is a ContactSheet node based on Ben McEwan's AutoContactSheet, it can show you some important information like the metadata, the file name to your alpha channel.

15 Jan 2020
Contributor: binzbnuke

2.37 Kb

Convert Screen or Plus to Over merge

26 Aug 2018
Contributor: JCZ

3.12 Kb

Custom Switch node with toggle button. Created to help identify at a glance which switches are set to the comp and which are using a bake.

04 Apr 2017
Contributor: jordanboulais

1.66 Kb

Mix two source and sharpen the result at a user define value when mix approach 0.5

17 May 2021
Contributor: Maarten van der Veen

2.30 Kb

This tool let you copy your desired layers from one chain into your main (B) chain. You're not capped, so go infinite!

21 Dec 2022
Contributor: Maarten van der Veen

1.03 Kb

This tool let you copy your desired layers from one stream into your main (B) stream. You're not capped to one or three layers, go infinite!

06 Sep 2021
Contributor: tim.bowman

13.43 Kb

Yet another chromatic aberration tool.

17 Feb 2022

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