Ym WorldSwitch v2.1

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Contributor: Yousuke Matsuno
WorldSwitch helps to switch node's knob instantly.
7.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
28 Oct 2013


WorldSwitch helps to switch node's knob instantly.

- Feature -
Compatible Nuke7.
Multiple switching.
Seamless integrate into Nuke.

- Control -
F4: create & show WorldSwitch.
Shift + F4 : switch on / off WorldSwitch.
You can add & remove scene nodes by manual or automatic.

[3D node]
- Motion Blur -
ScanlineRender (samples knob)
- Particle -
ParticleEmitter (disable knob)

[2D node]
- Motion Blur -
VectorBlur, Other nodes which include motionblur knob (except Roto, RotoPaint)
- Depth of Field -
ZDefocus2, Defocus (disable knob)
- Time Warp -
Retime, OFlow (shutter or shutterSamples knob)
- Denoise -
Denoise2 (disable knob)
- Grain -
F_ReGrain, Grain2, ScannedGrain (disable knob)

- Etc -
You can manage except above nodes independently. (disable knob)

- Install -
1. Go to your user directly. (/usr/people/***/.nuke)
2. Copy these files with folder.“icons”, “pythons”, “ToolSets”, init.py
3. Add below lines into your 'menu.py' (if doesn't exist, copy attached 'menu.py')

menubar = nuke.menu('Nuke')
## WorldSwitch
import Ym_WorldSwitch
'Ym_WorldSwitch.F_WorldSwitch()', 'F4', icon = 'WorldSwitch.png')
menubar.addCommand('&YmTools/WorldSwitch/WorldSwitch on\/off',
'Ym_WorldSwitch.F_WorldSwitchONOFF()', '+F4')

4. Restart Nuke.

Request for improvement / Feel free to contact me. [email protected]
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