Switching Nodes with $gui variable

Written by Scott Chambers on .

Switch node states or node tree branches automatically between GUI and render use with the $gui variable

Have a slow operator or process in your script that you want to be off when working but on when you send it to the farm or render locally via the command line? Having trouble remembering to switch these functions on? Or do you want to have read nodes with local paths / server paths that switch automatically when sent to a farm?
Now you can!
With the $gui expression. In the example below I have created switch nodes to direct the pipe streams to a read node that is on the server and to include a head vector blur operator that I don't want processed when working on the script. Bear in mind this expression won't work for launching renders from the GUI (F5 or 57 are the gui render keyboard shortcuts)



+6 # David Shere 2010-07-28 03:00
You can also add $gui to the 'disable' knob by right-clicking 'disable' and choosing 'Add expression...'
0 # Michael Clemens 2018-08-17 22:06
$gui disables in the gui and enables when you render locally. . but if you send the comp to the farm, the gui only expression is not respected. . is there a way to get it to work on the farm as well?

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