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Written by Aruna Inversin on .

Why have a normal gizmo when you can spice it up with a flashy icon that shows up in your GUI? Just add this line to your .gizmo file, as the first line in your gizmo.

Gizmo {
icon /the/location/of/your/gizmoimage.png

The .png file should be manageable, I use an image size of 90x66 pixels, and set up the image as a transparent .png file.

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+5 # Diogo Girondi 2010-08-30 13:03
As long the gizmo is inside the Nuke environment (i.e. some folder sourced by Nuke) you can simply use the image name without the file path.

And since the icon is actually a knob you can use python to set it right inside Nuke using something like:

You can also add icons present on the Nuke environment to any label in Nuke using @imagename.png
0 # Jeff Ranasinghe 2015-07-19 02:21
Thanks for sharing this info.

To confirm, when you do this, the alpha allows the image to be over the underlying tile colour, yes? As opposed to having transparent sections of the tile/icon?


-1 # maya kaaran 2013-07-04 05:13
-1 # Misho Ristov 2017-03-20 16:38
can you offset the position?
+1 # Shirin Chawla 2019-05-07 22:20

this did create an image next to the gizmo in the node graph every time the gizmo is loaded, what if you wanted to offset the position of the image loaded in or if you wanted to have it load more like as an empty button image in the gizmo itself?

Thank you! :-|

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