sensorClean v1.0

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Contributor: Howard Jones
Tool to clean up sensor dirt
6.1 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
21 Sep 2010

Tool to clean up sensor dirt based on a cleaned and uncleaned reference frame.

As per recent discussions on the user group, this divides the 2 reference images and multiplies the image to be cleaned by the result.

Why does it work (assuming it has)...

If you take a frame and divide it by itself - the result is 1 (0.256/0.256 = 1). If parts of that image are dirt and you have cleaned them these appear as brighter spots. Multiply your source by this and the dark sensor spots are brightened by these spots - the more accurate the clean the better the result. Frame blending the ref image first should make the sensor dirt more apparent and make the cleaning process better.

Could also be used to remove flicker in some cases.. maybe.

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