qcAssist v1.0

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Contributor: Adrian monroy
Quality Control Assist will help you with the tech process.
12.2 or later
09 Feb 2021

Quality Control Assist will help you to run the tech checks process more easily and comfortably.

This tool has been developed to be as user friendly as possible, minimizing the number of clicks and time to run through all the tech checks effectively. A responsive user interface to show only the relevant parameters, auto contact sheet. Easy comparison between tech checks, plate and comp.


Video tutorial here: https://vimeo.com/509251194


Main features:

  • - Auto contact sheet
  • - side by side comparison
  • - responsive user interface
  • - simple and easy to use





*I used for (NaN, negative and infinite ) tech checks some expressions nodes from Andrea Geremia who published his work in Nukepedia some time ago.


*Keep in mind this tool is using the Text node probably you should map your fonts directory in the nuke preferences. (see attached image below).  This tool was created in macOs it might ask for fonts directory in a different operative system.


Free to use but do not forget to mention the author if you modify it.
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0 # Daniel Miller 2022-08-18 10:14
Good to see it on Nukepedia! Do you think you will be uploading our update here too?

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