wavePanel v1.4

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Contributor: Falk Hofmann
create wave Expression in an extra tab on the Node where you need it.
6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 7.0 or later
19 May 2013

Wave Expressions are very handy when is comes to flickering, blinking also repetitive animations. And since i am not very good to keep all the different Expression in Mind i searched them  and put them into a Panel which i can call everytime i would need some of these. I am using it since two years now and safed me quite some time.

So basically you select a Node and run the script. A Panel pops up where you can choose a Curve of your Type. I.e. sine, noise, parabolic etc.. After you choose one, the  selected Node recieves a new Tab which contains the paramters for the curve Those can be adjusted. Its also possible to have more than one curve at one Node.  Over all its very similiar to the Modifiers in Fusion. And since i am missing those in Nuke i try step by step to rebuild them for my own.

But i havent wrote the all the Expressions myself. Credits going to:

David Emeny, Diogo Girondi and Soeren Volz

I just build the Panel around them.

Also i wasnt able to test this on OSX or Linux. but the only issue should be one path inside the script. I am constantly working or extending this when i come across something was not working or not implemented yet. But like everytime the time is the big issue.







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