glow_3D_V3 v1.0

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Contributor: Simon Moreau
Use a lighting object with a luminance pass to relight an other object
9.0, 8.0, 7.1, 7.0 or later
13 Dec 2015


This gizmo allows you to relight an object with an other one using two position passes and a lighting pass.

In the 'light input' branch, plug the position pass of the emitor object with its luminance in the alpha channel. (better result if overscaned)

In the 'target' branch, plug the position pass of the target object, with it alpha in the alpha channel.


Parameters :

Tolerance : Keys the luminance of the lighting object

Boost : Boost the luminance of the lighting object

Size : Maximum distance betwenn the two objects

Decay : Curve of the light impact in relation with the disctance (1 = linear, 2 = quadratic, 3 = cubic)

Accuracy : Divide the image size for faster result (be carefull ! )

Gain : Boost the final result

output : Ligth luminance shows the luminance pass after keying and boosting

            3D glow mask shows the final result



To install :


Copy the 'glow_3D_V3.gizmo' in your .nuke folder or any folder read by nuke at startup

add this line to your '' : 'Nuke' ).addCommand( 'myMeny/glow_3D_V3', 'nuke.createNode(\'glow_3D_V3.gizmo\')')


Of course, you can change 'myMenu' by the menu name you want.

Thanks !

If you have any question, just ask !


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