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Contributor: massaoasaga

2.39 Kb

Free camera moviment have never been so easy. Thanks for Victor Perez

09 Feb 2018
Contributor: calepugh

5.89 Kb

Will Degrain footage output Grain as a channel and reapply the plates original grain on completed shot.

26 Aug 2016
Contributor: npittas

8.46 Kb

Frequency Separator for Nuke

23 Jun 2016
Contributor: fxtor

42.81 Kb

toolset/python tool to deal with all $gui expressions in a nuke script (works on root and inside groups). the tool lets you bake the inverted expressions (to make sure the comp-tree looks exactly the same as the render from the renderfarm) Checks for deleted nodes, existing expressions etc. before storing or restoring knob's $gui expressions. If expressions exist, user will get the option to replace or skip. Tool works on index level for knobs

22 Jan 2017
Contributor: fxtor

6.96 Kb

python/toolset to convert RotoPaint nodes to mattes (creates a duplicate of selected nodes and changes the source to color or bg1) The tool was created to make the creation of DI-mattes or other type of mattes easier, if the comp included RotoPaint nodes that needed to be part of the matte

29 Jan 2017
Contributor: saliba.elias

211.98 Kb

Collection of codes and gizmos made for Nuke10 on (Windows, Linux and Mac)

08 Jun 2016
Contributor: thexdan

2.54 Kb

Transition all parameters between two named cameras in the Node graph.

29 Mar 2018

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