DOTS v1.1

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Contributor: Guillem Ramisa de Soto
Simple and easy to use Blink Script node that generates a DOTS pattern.
11.3 or later
22 Apr 2020

DOTS v1.0.1

Simple and easy to use node made in Blink Scripting.


The DOTS node allows to generate two types of patterns, dots and scan lines.


The GUI is very simple and it has the minimum amount of controls that enables a fast tweaking on the fly.


You can find here a breakdown of the node with examples: LINK

Here is the source code of the node: LINK


Dots GUI 0

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+2 # Isaac Spiegel 2021-01-26 23:19
Can you disable the "protect kernel" checkbox when publishing? I'm trying to learn blinkScript and with the foundry learning material being sparse at best, I learn mostly through viewing other people's projects. You're giving this node away for free why not make the code publically available?

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