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  • Diogo - The background color of some classes and modules were changed to cccccc grey. I'm still trying to find the other bits of code responsible for the remaining parts. In the end I might redo the entire thing because I'm starting to loose track of the changes made so far to the css files and maybe it will be easier to start from a clean slate than trying to balance everything this way.

  • Frank - added "Read More..." button to this article to avoid a mile long start page


  • Frank - installed JoomlaPack for backup and debug functionality. You can access it's panel by clicking on "Components/JoomlaPack". We should all read the docs about it I guess
  • Frank - changed JoomlaPack's output directory to "/backup_frank_test" (directory in the Nukepedia root) because of this advice
  • Frank - looks like I have successfully restored the entire page including Joomla project on my local machine. I feel better now :)

  • Diogo - Fixed the CSS for the login module. Now it should be correctly placed once the user is logged.
  • Diogo - The color for the greeting has been changed, it should be visble now.
  • Diogo - FCK Editor is now updated to the latest release which fixed a security hole.
  • Diogo - Installed a "To do List" module for the admin cpanel
  • Looking into phpBB3 for the forum with JFusion extension for Joomla to work as a bridge between the two.
  • Fixed the logo position once again
  • Added the RokCandy extension to facilitate certain things while editing articles. It mimics bbcode but in fact you can customize to do whatever you want. For instance now to highlight a python code in a article you just add [ py ] code [ / py ] without the white spaces instead of the old { codecitation class="brush: py; } code { / codecitation }

[py]import nuke

sn = nuke.selectedNodes()

for n in sn:

print "this works"[/py]

  • Frank - changed mod_shoutbox.css to use less offensive ouline colours
  • Frank - changed modules.css to make menu bars in the "left" position the same as "right" (i.e. changed pointer from module_rounded_grey_header.png to module_rounded_white_header.png)
  • Frank - changed pink text to grey in nuke01.css
  • Frank - put shout box on the left side to balance the page (for now)


  • Diogo - Template partially changed. Still need to finish tweaking the login module CSS and other graphical bits of the template to make them suite the changes made so far. We now have a "Nuke 01" preset for the template which is this one. Some of the graphical changes were done in core elements which means we won't be able to restore the old looks without first restoring the files that were replaced.
  • I've added and enabled the Breadcrumbs module
    BUG: Seems to be failing with menu separators
  • Installed Code Citation extension for testing
    No TCL syntax highlightIt seems to be slowing down the load time considerably
  • Reduced all h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 and h6 header font sizes
  • YouTube icon added to the Feeds module (upper right corner)
  • Fixed logo position
  • Installed the FCK Editor extension (looks good)

  • Frank -added a "Concept" section/menu on the left and will add all my thoughts in form of articles to the respective categories (starting woth "forum"). I will try and keep everything that I envision Nukepedia to be there. So far there is a 'forums', 'user account' and 'required plugins/modules' article/category.
  • Frank - installed mod login module that seems a bit cleaner for a simple horizontal layout (hopefully better suited for the layout Diogo made. Haven't activated it yet cause I don't know how to get it to live in the main menu without being a drop down itself
  • Frank - this seems to be the private messaging system I had in mind
    I didn't install it cause I think it needs the CommunityBuilder plugin (which I wanted to get anyway) and that seems to require a bit more attention than I can spare today

  • Martin - Changed theme to wave yellow to get sub menu orange colour talked about in emails, been looking thru the css but can't find where the submenu colour is set, possible done using flash.
  • Martin - likes the poll extension! Nice one Frank!
  • Martin's home email is not working

  • Ben - deleted "comp dungeons" from "News" menu - layout was upsetting me and needed to see if I could
  • Ben - uploaded "Shoutbox" but have not enabled

  • Frank - deleted "Industry News" Menu and Category - no need to maintain something like this here
  • Frank - installed "Apoll" module and component and added Poll (because we can - check out the fancy animation in the results before you vote)

  • Martin - changed colour of menu bar, also changed home link colour, Ben are the colours good?
  • Martin - moved 'feed' module to the right as the RSS and twitter images didn't display correctly, also it was hidden behind the banner, tried to bring it to the front but was unable to.
  • Martin - put login onto the menubar, not sure we need this? Perhaps in the future we will have other contributors that will need to login to write articles or to upload gizmos
  • Martin - Added home link to banner

  • added category menus to Who is Who, Whiteboard and News Sections in Info Menu
  • increase dropdown list width a little to avoid ugly line breaks in sub headers

  • adding this article to front page for all of us to leave info about what we changed on the page.
    Please update this article every time you make any changes/additions so we don't destroy each others work.
    Put any additions at the top of the article so the latest one is always at the top.
    Also, when updated, change the author's name to your own for easy identification.


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