timeLapseSlate v1.0

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Contributor: Brian Willard
slate and quicktime generation for timelapse sequences.
6.1 or later
17 Sep 2010

'timeLapseSlate' is a gizmo for nuke to generate a quicktime of your timelapse sequence with a slate of camera and sequence info that I've been using to bring timelapse into editorial and keep track of material. 

How to use:
-attach timeLapseSlate to your timelapse sequence, and in the 'camera info' tab, hit 'read exif' to fill those fields from the metadata. These fields are editable in case you are shooting with a manual lens and need to fill in the f-stop for example.
-The label in the gizmo will update with the proper frame range you should render (source length +1 frame for slate)
-in 'timelapse_output' use the filebrowser to navigate to the root folder you want the quicktime output to.
-hit render.

couple of notes:
-I've only tested this with canon cameras
-the frame chicklets represent stills from the sequence to give you an idea of whats going on (first frame, quarter, half, 3/4, and end frame)
-the shutterspeed, f-stop, focal length, and ISO are all taken from the metadata in the middle of the sequence, thought being you might have a folder w/test shots in the head or tail, so pulling the exif info from the middle frame has a better chance of being accurate.
- 'exposure interval' is the difference between the creation date of middle frame, and middle frame+1. Should match what your intervalometer was set to.
-'session length' calculates the entire time elapsed between first and last frame of the sequence.
-the file name written to disk is based on the folder name that contains the image sequence.
-the 'source filename' 'output filename' are there to help match back to the original files when going from offline to online.

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