Gui_Disabler v1.0

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Contributor: Marcel Pichert
Gui_Disabler allows you to disable preselected nodes in the node graph. It also gives you the option to automatically re-enable the nodes when rendering in batch, so you don´t have to enable them manually again.
12.0, 11.3, 11.2, 11.1, 11.0, 10.5, 10.0 or later
10 Dec 2019

Gui_Disabler V1.0    created by Marcel Pichert


You can add your selected nodes to the 'Connected Nodes' list in the Gui_Disabler Properties by pressing the 'Add Selected' button.

When you disable the Gizmo, all nodes in the list get disabled too.

By default the notes disabled by this Gizmo get enabled automatically when rendering in batch mode.

You can change this behaviour in the 'Info' tab.


Gizmo properties:

Gui Disabler Properties




- 'Add Selected' adds the selected Nodes to the 'Connected Nodes' list

- 'Remove Selected' removes the selected Nodes to the 'Connected Nodes' list

- enabling and disabling this Gizmo enables / disables all connected nodes

- If you don´t want to automatically re-enable the connected nodes when rendering in batch then press the button in the 'Info' tab.


Connected Nodes get the text 'linked to disabler' written in their label.


The only problem that occures when using this Gizmo is that, copying it and the linked notes doesn´t work because it is based on the node names.

Renaming also causes a disconnection between the gizmo and the linked nodes.

If anyone has an idea how i could not base it on node names then i will be happy to hear it!


Let me now your feedback and have a good day.

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