H_Random_Slide v1.2

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Contributor: Hugo Guerra
Allows you to make a random "slide" effect. Still in beta, so be kind. Lol
6.0, 6.1 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
19 Aug 2010
H_Random_Slide Beta v.1.1:

Allows you to make a random "slide" effect.
It is divided in 4 sections:

Randomizer controls: allows you to control the amount of random and the speed of the slide random.

Image border: Allows to select between mirror, tile, streaks or none for the outside of the image whenever the scale uses values lower then 1. if you are not scaling down to values below 1, then it should be set to none for more speed in render.

Slide control: Allows you to give an min and max to limit the Slide value.

Motion Blur: Allows to apply motion blur to the Slide effect.

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