SS_MakeTextureTiling v1.0

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Contributor: Slava Kopatych
Gizmo make simple image tiling.
11.0, 10.5 or later
10 Sep 2018

Gizmo make simple image tiling.
Load image in Read node, create Reformat, and change output format to box scale, like 8192x8192.
Create Crop node, and crop image to 4096x4096 in best area, tur on reformat box.
After that, create and use SS_MakeTexturTiling

SS_MakeTextureTiling Parameters:

-Map Scale - this is output format.
-Mask Offsets - this is offset for mask(+/-x and +/-y).
 This parameters need set in half lower then Map Scale
 Foe example - if Map Scale set to 8k, offset need 4k.

-Transform - this is addition mask, it can be 1 or -1.

-Edge Blur - this parameter blur seams, set lower values for lower map scale.

Tile XY- tiling image.

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