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Contributor: Alex Harding
Analyses motion and generates a pass that can be used to drive an iDistort to mimic the motion of the source clip
7.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
05 Feb 2014

Plug a source clip into 'source'. Copy resulting vectors into a target image (probably a still) and apply the motion from the source to the still.

If you drop the play head on a frame signifficantly later on than 'first frame', it will have to process all frames up until that point and be very slow. Similarly, setting a high reference frame will force it to process all those frames. So best to either play it through once or pre render it.

Prefers organic, swirling motion. Sometimes works surprisingly well, often creates a horrible mess, as with most furnace stuff (upon which it's based). Also works with maya / scanline renderer motion vectors - so you can apply motion from any CG to an image.

I didin't include the idistort in the gizmo in order to expose the vectors so you can pre render them.

Also, you can junk around with the vectors creatively to get different effects. Most usefully you can use soft masks to mult them up and down and selectively control the influence.

Not tested outside my office so please let me know any bugs. Only Nuke 7 for the moment.


Made possible by Jesse Spielman's next level nerd powers.




Use away but give me and Jesse all the cred
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