ShotBins v1.0

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Contributor: Matt Brealey
A tool/custom exporter combo that makes it easy to include any extra relevant plates in your Hiero-generated Nuke scripts.
6.3, 7.0 or later
17 Sep 2012


As requested by a few people, here are 2 scripts that allow you to easily export multiple plates into your Hiero-generated .nk files.

The first is a tool called 'Make Shot Bins' that creates bins in the project hierarchy based upon shots you select in the time-line. It's nothing too fancy, but could be interesting for those of you wanting to write custom tools that query selections/only appear in certain sub-menus.

The second script is a custom exporter (and is therefore actually 2 files - an export componant and a UI componant). Turns out I only needed to add 30 lines to the default 'Basic Nuke Shot' exporter in order to query the bins based upon the currently exporting shot, and then add Read nodes to the Nuke script as required. Python's awesome... :)

Hope it comes in handy and if anyone has any ideas on where to take this, just let me know. Cheers!


Make Shot Bins


1. Copy the file to your .hiero/Python/Startup folder


 1. In the timeline, select 1+ track items, right click and hit 'Make Shot Bins'. This will create a new folder called 'Shot Bins' in your main project structure, inside which will be an 'All Shots' folder, and a folder for every selected item. Folders are created based on shot name, and there will only ever be one folder per shot name (i.e. if you have more than one Shot0010, they will share a single Shot0010 folder).




1. Copy both files into your .hiero/Python/StartupUI folder


1. Use the 'Make Shot Bins' script to create bins for the shots you want to export. Fill the bins with images aplenty.

2. In the export dialog, go to 'Process as Shots' and duplicate the 'Basic Nuke Shot' to 'Basic Nuke with Shots Bin'.

3. In your new preset, change the 'Nuke Project File' exporter to 'Nuke Project File with Shot Bin'.

4. Export. In the generated nuke scripts you'll find any files you've places in the relevant shot bin + all files in the 'All Shots' folder.

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