Tracker to Roto v1.1

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Contributor: Alex Frost
Allows the user to export a roto node with tracking data either baked in or live-linked.
14.0, 13.2, 13.1, 13.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
13 Feb 2024

Update 1.1 to TrackedRoto:

- Fixed NukeShared import issue.

- Added baked or live-linked options for user preference.

- Added reference frame setting/editing directly in the Create Roto tab for convenience.

- Improved tab layout for clarity - similar to tracker UI.



This script automates the process of adding tracking data to roto nodes.

You have the flexibility to generate the node as either baked or live-linked, behaving similarly to matchmove or matchmove (baked), with baked rotos conveniently labeled to match the originating tracker. 


NOTE: This tool is tailored for new tracker nodes, as it generates tab items upon tracker node creation, making it incompatible with pre-existing tracker nodes.



This was designed with the intention of being rolled out on a NukeShared installation, so for the manual installation, there are a couple of steps that need to be taken.


- Drop the file into your .nuke folder, or a scripts folder, or somewhere you like to import scripts.

- Open the .py file and add TrackedRoto. to line 74 of the file '(cr = nuke.PyScript_Knob('create_roto', 'create', 'TrackedRoto.link_roto(nuke.thisNode())')' For example).

- Add 'import TrackedRoto' to your (if you are installing it to a subfolder, make sure you reference that in your 'from Scripts import TrackedRoto' for example)




If you are using NukeShared, simply drop it into the '\Repository\_Autorun\_init' folder and run Nuke as normal. I recommend doing this method if you are setting this up on multiple machines and have a global NukeShared set up.




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