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Written by Hugo Leveille on .

In this short tutorial, I'll show you how to talk to the Qube! API within the Nuke interface for job submission. I will assume that you already have a running Qube! installation and that it is already capable of rendering Nuke jobs.


First, download the file from Nukepedia

1) Talking to the API

First, you need to tell nuke where to look for the API. It should be installed in your Qube installation folder. For exemple, under OSX, it is located under "/Applications/pfx/qube/api". To test if it is working correctly, do the following in a script editor:

sys.path.append('/Applications/pfx/qube/api/python')  # Path to the Qube! API
import qb


2) Editing the file


You will need to edit the following variable:

This should be your nuke executable on the computer that will render

ex: 'nuke' or '/Applications/Nuke6.0v5-32/'


executable 	= 'Nuke6.0.4_64' # Executable variable for nuke on the nodes. ex: Nuke



This should be the group name in Qube that can render Nuke jobs

job['groups'] = 'Nuke' 


Then, it should be just a matter of adding the .py file in your path and adding a menu entry like this

1'Nuke').addCommand('Render/Submmit to Qube...', 'stq()')



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