pScatterStrokes v1.0

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Contributor: Perceval Schopp
This is a tool that creates brushstrokes following 3D informations (camera, pworld and nworld) to orient properly. It is still very unstable and experimental. (I'm not that confident with coding in blinkscript and I think I hit the limitations of it there...). Works on my computer GPU is : nvidia GTX 1070 ADVICE : disable blink cache in the preferences (hardware tab)
13.1, 13.0 or later
06 Nov 2022

Thanks to what Matt Lavoy ( shared recently, the quite similar tool I've been developping these previous years has step up, and I finally feel confident sharing it.

The goal of my blink here (and big network around) is to scatter brush strokes over 3D scene and have tons of settings for rotation, variations in scale, offset to the surface. Having the possibility to use several brush strokes or just one.
One of the main issue here is to have a consistent grid of points that follows the 3D.

One of the main difference with the work of Matt is the way the effect merges the brushstrokes one onto the others.
His way is clearly faster and better optimized.
The path I chose was to accurately merge the strokes according to their depth, and have the possibility to have their true orientation in space using nworld.

For each pixel, I sample the pixels around in a defined area (the bigger, the slower), if I spot a point of the grid that is supposed to create a brushstroke. I compute the intersection between the plane and the pixel at the center (like if I was 'tracing rays'). Then I get the info of Z, color and corresponding alpha on the brushstroke, and add them to big lists (that's where blinkscript doesn't like it).
Then I sort the lists (in clumsy way because coding isn't my life) by Z. Finally from bottom to top, I merge all colors.

I'd love to cooperate with a good blinkscript coder to push that tool to the next level so it is more stable.

Works on my computer with GPU :  nvidia GTX 1070
Haven't tested on many but it crashes way more on some less powerful !
ADVICE : disable blink cache in the preferences (hardware tab)

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