default Camera with target v2.0

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Contributor: Olivier Lavenant
Here is a camera with target simpler than the previous version. The target is included in the default camera and can be easily disable to recover the free camera
or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
30 Mar 2014

set cut_paste_input [stack 0]
version 7.0 v5
push $cut_paste_input
Camera2 {
rot_order XYZ
name Camera
selected true
xpos 142
ypos -325
addUserKnob {20 Target}
addUserKnob {26 cameraT l camera}
addUserKnob {41 translate_1 l translate T Camera.translate}
addUserKnob {41 rotate_1 l rotate T Camera.rotate}
addUserKnob {26 target}
addUserKnob {22 targetActif l Off T 'node=nuke.thisNode()\nknob=nuke.thisKnob()\nrotX = '-degrees(atan2 ((translate.y-pos.y),sqrt(pow2(translate.z-pos.z)+pow2(translate.x-pos.x))))' \nrotY = '(translate.z-pos.z)etExpression(rotX,0)\n node\['rotate'].setExpression(rotY,1)\n knob.setLabel('On')\n node\['label'].setValue('Target')\n node\['tile_color'].setValue(tileColor-60000)\nelif knob.label()=='On':\n node\['rotate'].clearAnimated() \n knob.setLabel('Off')\n node\['label'].setValue('')\n node\['tile_color'].setValue(tileColor+60000)" +STARTLINE}<br /> addUserKnob {13 pos}<br /> addUserKnob {26 "" +STARTLINE}<br /> addUserKnob {26 author l "" +STARTLINE T "Taranis - <i>Olivier Lavenant </i> - 2014 - v 2.0"}<br />}</p>'

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