G_Ripple_V1 v1.0

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Contributor: Gaurav Jaiswal
This gizmo uses mathematical ripple wave function to generate ripple maps and control them.
12.0, 11.3, 11.2, 11.1, 11.0, 10.5, 10.0, 9.0, 8.0 or later
22 Jun 2020


The gizmo is based on the mathematical function used to generate ripple waves. This tool uses nuke in-built 'Expression' node to generate the ripple waves.

Further modification are done to the function so that the user can control the different properties of the ripple.

The basic math fuction used in this gizmo is metioned below:

 Ripple Wave Function

This tool generates a fully controllable ripple map which can be used to distort an image for a ripple effect or it can also be used to displace 3D cards/geometries.

Below is a snap from the test i conducted using this gizmo to displace a card in nuke to create a ripple like effect.

Ripple Wave Displaced


Go ahead and test this tool on your projects or works and let me know in the comment section about any feedback or changes you come up with!


*Above expression used is referenced from here.

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