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Contributor: Andres Seedorf
While helping a student with a wall replacement shot, got tired of looking around the internet for a simple brick wall texture and decided to try some procedural creation inside Nuke by using only native nodes. Had a lot of fun making this one and learn a lot about Expression Nodes, hope it can be of any use for someone. 1.1 Added a spot light with direction, falloff and intensity controls. 1.3 Fixed some issues with Noise Nodes showing Overlays when they shouldn't and replaced them with Expression Nodes. Long Demo here:
14.0, 13.2, 13.1, 13.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
12 Dec 2023

Version 1.0. Procedural Bricks!

Version 1.1. Now with a Light Source!

Version 1.3. Fixed some issues with a couple of Noise Nodes displaying an overlay, replace them with Expression Nodes.


1. Change the wall's resolution by changing the amount of bricks per line in the first knob.

2. Play with the Noise and the Offset to get some colour variation into the bricks.

3. Later you can change the contrast of these variations, the colour of the wall and play with the details on the bricks.

4. From there, change the roughness on the bricks, the width and colour on the joint and the roundness on the corners.

5. Adjust the light on the bricks by changing the angle on the emboss and playing with the shadow.

6. To finish just bring some irragularities to the wall, that are created by an iDistort and a Noise.

7. Turn on the Spot light and move it's position and direction around. It should add some highlights based on a Sobel Filter.

Long Demo here:

Enjoy a different brick wall everytime. Let me know what you think. Any C&Cs are more than welcome.



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