FastComplexityDistort v1.0

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Contributor: Mads Hagbarth Damsbo
Fast implementation of iDistort and STMap for UV's with high complexity/detail
14.0, 13.2, 13.1, 13.0 or later
10 Jul 2024

This is a simple mip implementation for the StMap and iDistort that will improve render speeds if you have complex UVs.



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0 # Travis Button 2024-07-10 19:36
Thanks Mads! Saw your YouTube announcement of this and was hoping it would show up here and not be another one you couldn't share publicly. Appreciate your incredible work and tools as always!
0 # Jed Smith 2024-07-10 22:26
Great stuff, thanks for this Mads!

FYI there's compile failure on Nuke 13.2 stemming from using an int and a float in a min call on line 79 -- for anyone running into the same issue you can fix this by casting mip_level to float explicitly like this

float mipfract = max(0.0f, min(float(mip_l evels), (log2(max(width , height) * scaler) + 0.0f)));

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