prerenderManager v2.0

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Contributor: Simon Jokuschies
Automatically create and manage prerenders in a big nuke script. Automatic nodes-, and render directory setup. Conveniend if you are working in a big nuke script and need to manage a lot of prerenders to speed up your workflow.
8.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
23 Nov 2014

V02: All intermediate write nodes will now write all channels.


Watch a video tutorial about the PrerenderManager here:

The PrerenderManager is a useful node which allows you to automatically create prerenders inside big nuke setups . Just select the nodes from which you want to have a prerender, choose a render path and click on 'make prerenders'. The prerender render folder and the prerender nodes are automatically created and applied with the right input and output paths. With the PrerenderManager all prerender nodes can be rendered at the same time. Additionally they can be versioned and furthermore you can delete all of them at once by pressing just a button . This makes working in large nuke setups easier and speeds up the operation by fully automatic creation of folders and render node setup.


How to install the PrerenderManager

Downloade the PrerenderManager-Script and import it directly inside an active nuke session (File->import script). Navigate to the PrerenderManager-Script and click open. Of course you can also create it as a toolset.




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0 # Trevor Harder 2015-01-21 23:12
The pipeline at work uses an alpha-numeric naming convention for the scripts ( ie. Project_Shot_Comp_01a.nk)

Is there a way to accommodate this in the script?

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