DepthBuddy v1.2

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Contributor: Hiram Gifford
Create 3D ramps in any direction with Depth/Z & Position/Pref data
14.0, 13.0, 12.0, 11.0, 10.5, 10.0, 9.0, 8.0, 7.0 or later
Linux, Windows
08 Oct 2023


The DepthBuddy is used to create 3D ramps based on Depth/Z or Position/PRef data, for use in the mask inputs of other nodes. It has a built in preview feature, to help you place your masks easier, and when using position data, can generate a ramp in any direction 

You can read the full documentation for the DepthBuddy here

Tool Preview


Generate your 3D ramp by selecting a start and end point anywhere in the preview image

ramp shapes preview

Press and hold Ctrl+Alt while using the Start/End sampler on the preview image, to you place the masks quickly

The preview image doesn't affect the render result as long as you are using the resulting masks alpha channel

preview feature preview

 Use the Offset slider to finetune the overall position of your ramp, without changing the distance between the start/end points

offset ramp preview

 The Buddy System 

This is a suite of tools I've been working on, which is designed to help compositors of all skill levels accomplish fundamental tasks, quickly and intuitively

If you'd like to learn about the other Buddy System tools you can find them here, and feel free to reach out if there are any issues, or if you have ideas to improve them!



Version History

1.0 - Initial release 

1.1 - Bug fix for thin objects not calculating correctly

1.2 - Bug fix for missing mask input channels 

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0 # greg alex 2023-08-24 17:06
Hi, i get "unknown" error when I search and hit enter on the tool in my node graph. I followed the installation process on your website
0 # Hiram Gifford 2023-09-06 13:39
Hi! It's hard to say why you are getting that error without more information. It could be from a corrupt file, version/node compatibility issues, or many other things. Does the tool work fine if you open it as normal nuke script? or do you get the error there as well? If it does work this way, try saving it to your toolsets from within nuke to install locally

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