lp_ChillSpill v1.5

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Contributor: Lucas Pfaff
Website: fuke.it
handy Despiller with a variety of algorithms, replacement methods and a few other features
10.0, 9.0, 8.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
26 Feb 2020

I guess you are not a proper Gizmo-Maker unless you have made an own Despiller and/or Chromatic-Abberation tool, huh :) made it for my conveniance, differs not too much from others. 'lp_' is not really the name inside of Nuke, it's more for organizing on a server/computer harddrive



Update v1.5
- bg adjustments affected the replacement colour too, this is fixed now
- added knobChanged visibility to some controls to tidy up the tool and make it more intuitive

Update v1.4
- fixed a switch that prevented the choice actually setting a replacement channel
- removed replacementchannel amp from the Keylight options
- added offset controls for Keylights screen colour
- that old control were really dumb, the offset should work much better

Update v1.3
main goal in this release was to enable more options, and also to make ChillSpill more usable for edge/core despill operations (two instances are needed for that though); I hope the new functions don't clutter the interface
- added Keylight as despill algorithm
- added 'Advanced' tab for Keylights options (declutter main interface basically)
- background and colour replacement methods were split from the general despill-methods, so they are now applied on top (enables more neutral results)
- added a few options to adjust background/colour replacements and grouped them (declutter)
- added new replacement method 'add difference'
- corrected faulty working 'luma restore' method

Update v1.2
- somewhere in the process all tooltips got missing, added them back in
- adjusted the defaults

Update v1.1
- added a pulldown choice to operate in log (beware, some operations might result not as expected)
- fixed an improper Merge ('apply with screen' would return a plus)


ChillSpill features all the common algorithms for replacement, working not only on G and B but als R.

It has a slider to set a weight for the average-algorithm, but you can also boost or tone-down the channels which get up for the recplement. I implemented this because I noticed that sometimes it can be good to only have the two replacing-channels work at half the gain towards the algorithm to tackle 'filthy' edges on some material.

It features a variety of replacement methods, the pure algorithm-result as well as luma-restoring or background application. You can also fiddle around with the result a bit, just what you may be used to.

This tool is insipired by all the other great Despillers out there, most notably bm_Despill by Ben McEwan and pxf_Killspill by Xavier Bourque (which can both be obtained here from Nukepedia)


This tool is a Group, not a Gizmo; edit if needed. I didn't checked the older Nuke Versions, but I don't see why it shouldn't work in v6 or v7 at all.

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+1 # Morpheaux Oneiroi 2016-11-26 05:11
Soon to be filled :)
0 # Lucas Pfaff 2016-11-27 00:59
I'm not proud but this is for more than a year. It's not even fancy, but it's always "only one more article", "one more tool", "one more anything" that takes time, ha :)
+1 # Alex Burnham 2019-02-21 00:32
tool with my favorites despill algoritms in one box! thats helpful, thank you Lucas!
+1 # custodeo mercurio 2020-04-26 22:31
thanks !

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