DasGrain v1.8

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Contributor: Fabian Holtz
Semiautomatic regraining tool.
12.2, 12.1, 12.0, 11.3, 11.2, 11.1, 11.0, 10.5 or later
Linux, Windows
07 Mar 2021

watch the video Tool Video

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Thanks for the meme, edgyvfx!
Tired of matching grain manually? Me too!
DasGrain takes the pain out of the re-graining process by automatically adapting the plate grain to your comp.
For areas where the original grain doesn't work, you can generate a new grain that is based on the original grain.
Having a good degrain is crucial for this tool!
Long and boring demo here: https://vimeo.com/284820390
Please let me know how it works for you or if you have any questions. I'm always happy to help! :)
Unfortunately DasGrain doesn't work with Nuke Indie and Nuke NC due to their Python and Blinkscript limitations.
- updated UI and many of the tooltips (let me know what you think!)
- fixed a fundamental bug in the per channel range script
- added a metadata knob to choose between plate and comp
- added a threshold, so that a sample has to contain at least 10 pixels to be used
- deleted the colorspace choice in the two colorspace knobs so on first load it will be set to whatever is the default space in your config rather than potentially error.
- updated Python scripts to be Nuke 13 compatible
- fixed and improved many minor things
special thanks to Erwan Leroy for his feedback!
- added stereo option to generate different grain per view
- added colorspace menu
- couple of bug fixes and improvements that accumulated in the last year (aka I didn't keep track, but it's better now!)
- added Help tab (with setup steps and Troubleshoot button)
- reordered, improved and removed some functions (check the tooltips and the updated video)
- bugfixes
- copy/pasting now roughly a million times faster
- fixed bug (due to a missing link in the last version, only frame 0 was being analysed. This could've led to issues if degrained plate and plate had different start frames)
- minor improvements
- Bugfixes
- tech improvements
- added luminance grain compensation and new DegrainHelper node
- layout improvements
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0 # Benjamin Jennrich 2018-08-16 11:51
Like it, well done Fabi
+5 # Matthias Backmann 2018-08-16 14:55
Totally awesome! Thanks a lot Fabian, that rocks.
+2 # be de 2018-08-16 14:59
great tool!
+2 # Ivan Godomin 2018-08-22 08:39
It's really working! Thanks man!
+2 # Jonas Lindfors 2018-08-22 11:06
Looks great, thanks for sharing!
0 # Eduardo Lima 2018-08-24 18:56
Your gizmo is beyond any expectatiom. I used your Voronoy Scatter (based on Matthew Shaw idea) to fix other issues in our company pippeline. Thanks a lot!
+1 # Fabian Holtz 2018-08-25 01:03
Thanks for the great feedback guys, I appreciate it!
+2 # Ji-Hyun Park 2022-11-29 06:50
Hi there Fabian,

"ERROR: Group1.Multiply 6.value: Nothing is named "parent.luminance""

Because of this error, I tried to use it by setting it as a gizmo. When I change to gizmo and use it, when I open Nuke again, the DasGrain connection is disconnected, so it is difficult to use. Can I get the gizmo file that doesn't disconnect to my mail?

Thank you for sending it to
-1 # Lucas Pfaff 2018-08-29 12:40
Hi there Fabian, I admit I had some trouble starting with the plugin, but now I got it and it's awesome. So far I never had a complicated shot where I needed to fiddle with the curves or with the scatter.
Even if the analyze can take a bit I still feel like I save a lot of time, and definitely my nerves :)

Beste Grüße aus Berlin,
+1 # Fabian Holtz 2018-08-29 23:29
Hey Lucas, glad to help saving your nerves ;)
If you have any idea how to make it more intuitive let me know!
+1 # Johannes Retter 2018-09-30 18:37
I tried it today the first time and I love it.
Thanks, Fabian!
0 # Mitchell Kehn 2018-10-10 01:01
Wow this is so cool! Your explanation video is definitely worth a watch.

One thing that we've run into is that when we try to copy and paste this node between scripts (maybe they use the same plates or something) that it crashes nuke. Not sure if this is to do with some sort of python callback that messes it up, but it would be awesome to see this fixed in a later version!
0 # Fabian Holtz 2019-01-07 18:23
Hey Mitchell,
Sorry for the late reply. To be honest I'm not sure what could cause this, there are definitely no plate related callbacks in there.

A friend of mine had problems with crashes in the beginning as well. The solution for him was to import it into nuke and export it again. There were no crashes when he used the version he exported himself.

Hope that helps. :)
+1 # Brandon Blevins 2018-10-22 20:56
Thank you for this tool. Really works great we have used this on several projects. Put it through some really hard tests and some 35mill shots we had an impossible time to match grain and it worked flawlessly. Some caveats to understand on how it works but wasnt a scenerio my compers ran into we didnt find a solution for with proper settings etc.

0 # Fabian Holtz 2019-01-07 18:25
Thanks Brandon, I've already heard that you guys are using DasGrain :)
Really happy to see how it's spreading and that it's useful!
-3 # nikolai michaleski 2019-01-18 00:18
Very cool looking tool!

When I hit analyse, it starts from frame 1 even though my footage starts from 1001. How do I solve this?
+1 # Fabian Holtz 2019-01-18 01:43
Hey Nikolai,
Don't worry about that. I'm re-ordering the analysis frames internally to be next to each other, starting at frame 0 :)
+1 # Sasha Kras 2019-02-07 15:10
Hi Fabian,
Thank you for sharing your tools, it's wonderful!

I just can't understand one thing, I hope you can help me with that.
If I using Scatter in Replace tab, I can do some kind of grain plate, but how can I add a grain plate to denoised image? I tried to use Merge with Plus but I'm not sure it's correct or not?

Thank you!
0 # Fabian Holtz 2019-02-07 21:22
Hi Sasha,
Did you set the output (in the dropdown menu at the top) to regrained comp?
Alternatively, 'plus' will give you the same result as long as the output is set to adapted grain.
If you haven't yet, I recommend watching the demo on vimeo as well :)
Let me know if you have any other question!
0 # Sasha Kras 2019-02-08 09:01
Hi Fabian,
Thank you for your answer.

Yeah, I have seen the demo twice :)
I just think maybe 'plus' it's not correct for adding the grain. The Grain node from Nuke using an expression for adding grain to the image.

Here this expression.
For the red channel:

For the green channel:

And for the blue channel:

Maybe this can be a little bit correct than just 'plus' operator.

Thank you!
0 # Fabian Holtz 2019-02-08 09:43
Hey Sasha,
don't worry, 'plus' is correct. The expression in the Grain node is controlling the grain response based on the 'intensity', 'black' and 'minimum' knobs of the node. DasGrain calculates and uses the actual response curve for the shot and therefore doesn't need those knobs or the expression.
+1 # Sasha Kras 2019-02-08 13:00
Great, thank you!

-1 # Andrew Rea 2019-02-14 16:37
Fantastic tool, Can I ask if you have any degraining tips to get the best out of this? Does temporal filtering cause issues?
+1 # Fabian Holtz 2019-02-14 21:38
Thanks Andrew!

I assume you use Neat Video? My first suggestion would be to have a look at the user guide and watch the tutorials. In my experience many people don't know how to get a good noise profile or how exactly temporal filtering works.

Temporal filtering can definitely help getting a better result, but be aware of its limitations. Aggressive temporal filtering may seem like it's doing a good job, but it can lead to warping around moving objects. This will cause additional difference between degrain and plate, which reduces the analysis quality and introduces unwanted detail in the regrain.

I like to connect DasGrain to the live ReduceNoise node, set the output to 'original grain' and play around with the radius and threshold to see how far I can go.

Hope this helps :)
+2 # Andrew Rea 2019-02-14 21:49
Thanks Fabian, yes I am using Neat Video, will go and read the user guide now although I think I know what I am doing, I have never read it.
Thanks again for posting the great tool
+1 # Damian Binder 2019-03-02 11:42
This has quickly become one of my all time favourite tool. The normalisation feature is brilliant and the scatter option works great. I also agree that grain is something that should not get in the way while comping and should be treated with care as a different element. Some companies are still afraid of doing so..
Job well done Fabian.
+1 # Fabian Holtz 2019-03-02 15:50
Thanks Damian, I appreciate it!
0 # Steve Drew 2019-03-20 20:51
0 # Pranav Gangapurkar 2019-05-20 15:33
This is awesome. Thanks a lot
-2 # Nikolai Wüstemann 2019-06-04 15:37
I'm using yout tool for 5 minutes now and I already love it! Why bother with manual adjustments in a process that can be fully automated? Nice work!

I have a question/featur e request though. I usually like to keep my original noise, where I did not change the plate. You already have a replace mask built in, but the input has to be set manually. Why not generate this mask by looking at the denoised plate and comp difference? A checkbox for that and a threshold slider would do the job I guess.
0 # Fabian Holtz 2019-06-04 16:00
Hey Nikolai, I'm glad you like it!

I'm not using a difference key because I don't think that it's a universal way to generate a replace mask. (Just because the values of the comp are close to the plate doesn't mean that I want to keep the plate grain and vice versa)

I could of course add it as an option, but DasGrain probably has too many sliders and buttons already.

My suggestion would be to just make your difference key setup, connect it to the mask input and save it with DasGrain in your toolsets.
0 # Nikolai Wüstemann 2019-06-04 16:14
Yeah, that's what I'm doing and it is very fast to setup, so I get your point of not adding another feature.
Anyway, for the projects I worked on we always tried to keep as much plate grain as possible and only replace it in areas, where the plate is actually changed. Since no degrain is perfect, it also brings back plate detail, which is a nice bonus effect.
+1 # Tor Andreassen 2019-06-14 05:01
Absolutely fantastic tool! It's now my new favorite tool for regraining, thank you very much for sharing Fabian, works great!
0 # Fabian Holtz 2019-06-25 15:51
Thanks Tor, I appreciate it! Go ahead and introduce it at ILM ;-)
0 # Connor Tong 2019-09-11 16:57
By far the best regrain node I have used! Never seen anything like it! Thanks for this!
+2 # Olly Caiden 2019-09-19 19:28
My new favourite node, thanks!

Having said that, we have been encountering some issues with das_grain corrupting scripts, we tracked it down to linux not liking the non-asci characters found in the 'testimonial' section. Could you do a point update that removes this section? Thanks!
+1 # nikolai michaleski 2019-09-19 19:41
Ran into some issues with this even on Windows.
0 # Fabian Holtz 2019-09-20 01:14
Hey Olly, can you send me a short email to the address in the Info tab? Then I can send you a new version you can test before I publish it.
+1 # Olly Caiden 2019-09-20 01:43
Yep will do!
+1 # ankur suvarapu 2019-10-28 09:07
Thanks alot for sharing
0 # nikolai michaleski 2019-10-31 01:50
Absolutely love this tool!

Occasionally we'll get dancing white pixels in the result. This can remedied by clamping the blacks of the plate and degrained plate to 0. Just thought I'd share and maybe there's a cleaner solution from within the tool itself?
0 # Fabian Holtz 2019-11-01 03:47
Thanks Nikolai!!

That sounds like the response curves might not be accurate. If you want you can send me just the node the way it is used in your script by email and I'll have a look.
You are right, clamping the blacks is not a clean solution.
-1 # David Forcada 2019-11-04 13:39
Hi all,

I have started to use DasGrain but I a, running into the following problem. When I applied the scatter button I get the attached image. Any thoughts?


0 # Fabian Holtz 2019-11-11 17:38
Hi David.
Not entirely sure. I'd say stretched pixels are normally an indicator of bounding box issues. But without seeing your script it's hard to tell.
0 # chris booth 2019-11-11 09:34
we're getting the following error on deadline
Error: RuntimeError: Group1.VoronoiS catter.error: increase sample box size or decrease cell size

any ideas?
0 # chris booth 2019-11-11 09:34
we're getting the following error on deadline
Error: RuntimeError: Group1.VoronoiS catter.error: increase sample box size or decrease cell size

any ideas?
0 # Fabian Holtz 2019-11-11 17:35
Yes, try to increase sample box size or decrease cell size :P

It's a built in error to prevent the voronoy cells from breaching the bounds of the sample region. Does it only fail in Deadline? It shouldn't work in the GUI either.
0 # Lukas Remis 2022-06-10 09:19
I'm getting the same error on one specific shot, when rendering through Afanasy. And it doesn't matter how I set the sample box or cell size. However everything works fine on workstation.
0 # Federico Sibella 2020-01-25 17:19
A tool that implemented the idea of normalized grain! Super! Thanks a bunch Fabian! :lol:
+1 # Paul Laverack 2020-03-02 00:33
This is a fabulous tool Fabian. Thanks so much.
-1 # bin zhuang 2020-03-03 03:07
it seems doesn work in OCIO colorspace, the OCIOColorspace doesn find linear space
-1 # Fabian Holtz 2020-03-03 03:33
Just set it to whatever is correct in your config. For example ACEScg and Alexa wide gamut linear.
-1 # chucheep chaipoon 2020-06-28 17:47
thank you so much for your Awesome regain tool!

I would like you to ask permission to use Dasgrain in our studio located in Bangkok.
my studio requests a permission email from the author of the tool.
however, I could not be able to reach you in any way.

please let me know if you could allow our studio to use your tool in production.

Thank you!

Best wish,
Chucheep Chaipoon
0 # Fabian Holtz 2020-06-29 04:09
Did you try the email address in the tool? ;)
Write me there and mention the name of the company please.
0 # Fabian Holtz 2020-06-29 04:09
0 # chucheep chaipoon 2020-06-29 18:04
found it ,Thank you!
+1 # Livia Nunes 2020-07-28 18:00
I'm a little confused about the colorspace option. If I'm using ACES 2065 plates should both options be ACES 2065?
+1 # Fabian Holtz 2020-07-28 18:41
Hi Livia,
the first option should be whatever you project settings are (so I guess ACES 2065?) and the second should be set to the camera native linear color space. If it's an Alexa plate it should be Arri linear Alexa Wide Gamut.
+1 # Greg Lamar 2020-10-25 06:16
So. Good.
+2 # Paul Laverack 2020-10-29 04:41
Howdy Fabian. Just wanted to say thanks so much for this gizmo, it's now an essential part of my workflow.
+2 # Nanthuvfx boy 2020-11-24 09:44
Does 1.4 Supports for Nuke v12 ?
0 # Michael Timoshenko 2020-12-21 13:00
Love this tool!

BTW DasGrain v1.7 on Nuke 10.0v2 was located on top of the script before I fixed it by removing 2 lines 359 and 360
in_colorspace linear
out_colorspace linear
-1 # Sagar Patil 2020-12-21 21:09
Hi Fabian thanks for this node using this since long time very powerful,but lately after updating to Nuke12.2v2 i am getting following error,

DasGrain2.VoronoyScatter.Voronoy.VoronoiNoise:Error compiling kernel for GPU

Any idea how to fix this?
+1 # Bernd M 2021-01-15 22:01
This seems to be similiar to my issue with higx... I wrote Mads about this and he replied:

TheFoundry broke blinkscript in the 12.1 update (only on windows), so if someone use the quite common ‘normalise’ function, it won’t compile on the GPU.

So to fix your use go into the "dasgrain" group (s button in node); dive deeper and go into the VoronoiScatter group; find Voronoi Noise -> Kernel Tab -> disable GPU
+2 # Fabian Holtz 2021-01-15 22:20
Hmm, there is no normalize function in the BlinkScript. But I could expose the GPU knob in the next version anyway, as it seems to cause issues occasionally.
+1 # Sagar Patil 2021-01-21 16:04
Thanks a lot Bernd i will try that.

Thanks a lot Fabian the GPU knob in next release will be much appreciated.
-1 # Mr. Magoos 2021-01-07 14:44
0 # Mr. Magoos 2021-01-07 14:44
Hi Fabian! random question for you... I work in a facility that uses multiple views/split and join workflow, dasgrain scatter option doesn't work. the grain appears frameheld and nobody in our facility can figure it out. Any ideas?

HUGE FAN of your tool btw
+1 # Fabian Holtz 2021-01-08 02:53
Hi Brian, I'm not sure. Multiply views shouldn't be an issue as long as there is a plate and a degrained plate present in all views. Feel free to email me more details about your setup, maybe we can figure it out.
+1 # andres salas 2021-02-01 18:40
Hi Fabian, I am trying to find a email to contact you that would be possible? I would like to talk with you.
Thanks so much! :lol:
0 # Fabian Holtz 2021-02-02 21:09
Hi Andres, you can find my email address in the Info tab of DasGrain.
-1 # David Rouxel 2021-02-18 11:54
Hi Fabian,

I have artists in my team using dasGrain and they are facing the same issue regularly. Their script's size double each times they save it until Nuke cannot open it anymore.

We discovered that the culprit is dasGrain. For some reason it is filling the script with characters. In such cases I have to edit their nuke files and delete the dasGrain section.

We are working on centOS 7 and faced this issue on all versions of Nuke since 10.5v1.

Thanks for your help
-1 # David Rouxel 2021-02-18 12:02
Here's a screenshot of the issue :

0 # Fabian Holtz 2021-02-18 12:19
Hey, which version of DasGrain are you using?
0 # David Rouxel 2021-02-18 13:08
This happened today and artist was using 1.5
0 # Fabian Holtz 2021-02-18 16:42
Hi David,
please use the latest version, it should be fixed in there.
+1 # David Rouxel 2021-02-19 05:11
We'll give it a try.
Thanks for the quick reply
-1 # David Rouxel 2021-02-19 05:11
We'll give it a try.
Thanks for the quick reply
+1 # Fabian Holtz 2021-02-19 05:19
No worries! Actually someone else from MPC pointed out this behaviour back in 2019, that's when I fixed it. So I guess it has something to do with the MPC pipeline. It hat something to do with non ASCII characters in the code.
0 # David Rouxel 2021-02-19 05:37
This is also what I think. the Mill and other BUs are not having the issue. Not sure how to debug this though.
+1 # David Rouxel 2021-02-19 12:32
I had confirmation from my side that v1.7 is stable.
Thanks for your help.
0 # Emiliano Acuña 2021-02-19 20:02
Hi! Thanks for this Node!! :)

I'm using nuke indie and, if I press Analyse, a warning error appears saying:

'NoneType' object has no attribute '__getitem__'

And it doesn't permit me to analyse, Anybody knows what's happen?

-1 # Fabian Holtz 2021-02-19 21:09
Unfortunately this is because of Nuke Indie's python limitations. I'm not aware of any solution.
+1 # Daiwa Shoji 2021-02-21 14:02
I would like to know more detail about v1.7.
Please explain.
0 # Fabian Holtz 2021-02-21 21:06
Anything in particular you would like to know?
0 # Daiwa Shoji 2021-02-27 07:40
What are Degrain amount mask and analysis mask used for ?
When and how ?
0 # Mark Holman-Harris 2021-03-09 17:30
Hi Fabian
Firtsly thanks for sucha wonderfully useful tool.
We are having issues rendering DasGrain on our deadline farm.
v1.4 works fine but 1.8 throws up errors on any internal node that has a parent. expression back to the dasgrain group.
An example of such an error being Group1. Multiply6.value : Nothing is named "parent.luminan ce"
any ideas why that may be?
0 # Gregor Stephani 2021-03-18 13:27
Hi Fabian,

first of all, thank you very much for this amazing tool!

Unfortunately we're experiencing the same issue Mark mentioned after updating to v1.8.
On our deadline farm we get the error message using Nuke 12.1v5 and dasGrain 1.8:
Group1. Multiply6.value : Nothing is named "parent.luminance"

Any hint about how to fix this would be greatly appreciated :)
Thanks again!
+1 # Fabian Holtz 2021-03-19 11:38
Hi Gregor, can you confirm that all older versions work? Mark told me that for them every version after v1.4 throw up that error. Unfortunately we haven't found a solution yet.
+1 # Gregor Stephani 2021-03-19 18:33
Hi Fabian,

thank you for getting back to me so quickly!
We switched from 1.4 straight to 1.8 as far as I know, I'll confirm that and try older versions as well.

So far it appears that we have to save dasGrain as Gizmo to get rid of that error and get a "Error: FailRenderExcep tion : NameError: knob testimonial does not exist" instead.

I will continue testing and let you know in case I find something.
0 # Marcel Vanderwekken 2021-03-24 18:09
DasGrain is wizardry magic! Thanks so much Fabian!
+1 # Daniel Brylka 2021-04-06 10:21
I tried DasGrain v1.8 with Nuke 13.0v1.

It works completely fine, but every time I reopen a script all the connections to the gizmo are cut off. I can reconnect them and render, no problem. But the connections keep getting lost.
Did someone else has this issue?

Thanks for this amazing tool.
+4 # Francisco Belda 2021-10-13 16:18
Hey Daniel!

I'm having the same issue in 12.2v5. I turned it into a .gizmo so I could install it on our menus and once I reopen the scripts everything is disconnected. This doesn't seem to happen if I copy and paste it from the .nk file downladed from nukepedia. Weird.

Did you find any solution?
0 # matteo bacci 2022-11-23 14:40
i still have the sameissue. didn't find any solution. put the Dasgrain.nk file in plugin folder too, but nothing to do....issue still present.
i don't know very well nuke configuration.. ..i can just modify init.py and menu.py.
andwhat about you? did you find any solution in the meantime?
0 # matteo bacci 2022-11-23 14:40
i still have the sameissue. didn't find any solution. put the Dasgrain.nk file in plugin folder too, but nothing to do....issue still present.
i don't know very well nuke configuration.. ..i can just modify init.py and menu.py.
andwhat about you? did you find any solution in the meantime?
+1 # Guillaume Blabla 2021-06-03 14:16
Hi Fabian,

First, thank you very much for your amazing work on Dasgrain, very impressive and powerful!

I would like just to report a little bug in your script in a specific case (on Dasgrain v1.8 with Nuke 11 or 12). When i click on "analyze", i have this error : "min() arg is an empty sequence".
The reason why is because there is a red.matte layer in my script, so the script generates a curveTool in red.matte and not in rgb.red. I am not very familiar with Python, but i changed "curve_tool\['c hannels'].setVa lue(channel)" with this : "curve_tool\['c hannels'].setVa lue(\"rgb.\{\}\ ".format (channel))", to force the analyze in rgb.red, rgb.blue and rgb.green and now it seems to work.

0 # Fabian Holtz 2021-06-09 08:21
H Guillaume, I was able to reproduce the bug. Thanks for reporting and delivering the fix at the same time! Seems to do the trick. :)
I'll add it in the next version.
+1 # Guillaume Blabla 2021-06-15 13:10
No worries! Thanks again for your amazing node :-D
0 # Eddie Porter 2021-06-15 21:38
Does the latest version work with Nuke Indie?
0 # Fabian Holtz 2021-06-15 22:22
Hi Eddie, unless Foundry changed the Python limitations I'm afraid not.
+1 # Eddie Porter 2021-06-22 00:35
That is too bad, thanks for the response.
-3 # Randy Vellacott 2021-07-09 05:14
Re: v1.5-V1.8. Is there supposed to be a keyframe selection on the sample box.
The last version I see it in is V1.4?
0 # Fabian Holtz 2021-07-09 10:38
Hi Randy, the sample frame is selected automatically to the current frame once you change the sample box. You can see it below for visibility.
+1 # Randy Vellacott 2021-07-09 11:42
So you only need one frame? I have only been introduced to Dasgrain recently and the facility was using V1 which allowed keyframing of the selection box over multiple frames (and that's how I was shown to use it). I am getting good results with V1.8 however I muddle through it .... it was just a query as later version didn't seem to have the keyframe selector. Great work ... as a comp sup on various projects (back in the deep dark past), grain management was one of my biggest QC headaches ... this is the future
+1 # Fabian Holtz 2021-07-09 11:54
Haha I remember those dark days! Glad you find it useful!
Yes, it only needs one frame. Having the range just led to more user errors and wasn't really necessary.
+1 # Matthew Mullarkey 2021-08-30 22:30
I am a huge fan of this tool! Many of us have an issue using it with a Deadline managed render farm. Deadline's error is;

ERROR: Group1.Multiply 6.value: Nothing is named "parent.luminance"

When I roll back to DG v14 there is no problem. Is this something that can be addressed in the newest version? I would love it!
0 # Fabian Holtz 2021-08-30 22:59
Hey Matthew,

I talked to our TD about this when people first started reporting this error. He said it's hard to say without being there but it might be caused by how your farm is set up. As in what kind of errors cause it to fail and what it ignores.

He couldn't explain where the Group1 name is coming from though...

Sorry about that but without having Deadline available troubleshooting is hard. If you have some time to spare feel free to write me a Mail. Maybe I can get you to try a few things to narrow it down.
0 # Matthew Mullarkey 2021-08-30 23:09
I understand. From my investigation it is pretty clear that "Group1" is Das Grain and "multiply6" has the expression "1 / parent.luminanc e - 1" in it, which is pretty clearly causing it to brake on the farm. Is there another way to get this value?

Nuke's Py check button shows this: "ERROR: name 'parent' is not defined". I feel like Nuke doesn't like that expression, but ignores it when rendering locally for some reason. Are you able to troubleshoot the error at that level?

I apologize if I sound ignorant at all. I'm certainly not a coder. Thanks for your feedback!
+2 # Fabian Holtz 2021-08-30 23:47
I don't think it's the expression itself which is causing the error (nothing uncommon about it), but the fact that Deadline seems to resolve the name of DasGrain to Group1 and that name doesn't exist. That's my theory at least.
If you want to send me an email, I can send you the latest version where I made a few changes to some callbacks. No idea if it makes a difference, but callbacks would be one of the things I'd investigate.
0 # Max Kuper 2021-09-20 14:47
hello there

awesome tool i like a lot!!!!
pls if you have a never version ready with this Problem solved ..release:)
We do have the same Problem while rendering over Deadline.
Local render no problem.

many many thanks
0 # Fabian Holtz 2021-09-20 22:10
Hey Max, unfortunately I don't have access to Deadline which makes it difficult to fix. If you want to help me write me an email, maybe we can figure it out together.
+3 # Amogh Sanji 2021-09-27 09:32
How to install this plug in?
0 # Francisco Belda 2021-10-13 16:13
Hello Fabian!

First of all thanks a MILLION for DasGrain. If I had to choose only one external plugin/gizmo to have installed it would be DasGrain, hands down.

That being said I'm running into a weird problem. I've turned the DasGrain node into a gizmo so I could install it in our small 5 computer pipeline and we could recall it from the menus using the Tab key. The thing is, when we add it to our scripts via the menus, and close the script once we reopen the script the DasGrain node is disconnected from all the pipes! This doesn't happen if we copy and paste the node from the .nk downloaded from the Nukepedia. Any ideas?

We are running Nuke 12.2v5 BTW.

Anyways, thanks again for your amazing, almost-voodo-ma gic plugin!
+1 # Fabian Holtz 2021-10-13 20:12
Hey Francisco,
Yes, we found the solution. Send me an email and I'll send you a fix :)
0 # cheng kenny 2022-10-04 14:52
HI Fabian Holtz, i having this issue, DasGrain node is disconnected from all the pipes when i open nuke, any solution?
0 # Francisco Belda 2021-10-14 09:30
Fantastic! I'm shooting you an email right now! Thanks a bunch!
+1 # George Melesanakis 2021-11-08 12:34
No version for macos?
+1 # Fabian Holtz 2021-11-08 20:05
I'm pretty sure it works, I just don't have access to a Mac with Nuke
0 # Marc Morissette 2021-12-01 18:08
Hi All ,

Question do you have a road map for DAG grain for Nuke13.1 :-)

thank you so much for this great tools
+2 # lila lundi 2021-12-01 21:22
Hi Fabian,
Thank you so much for this amazing tool!
I'm working in Nuke 13.1v1. It works fine until selecting the activate scatter button, and then it crashes Nuke every time. I tried Guillaume Blabla's swapping out the line of code trick but it didn't work.
Many Thanks
0 # Fabian Holtz 2021-12-02 21:01
Hi Lila,
Thanks for letting me know. I'll look into it once I get my hands on Nuke 13.1.
0 # Kento Fukuda 2021-12-14 03:18
In my environment, Nuke is crashing when set STMap(DasGrain > VoronoiScatter >STMap) node's filter to 'Impulse'.
As changing other filter, Nuke is not crashing.
(Is it nuke's bug? in 13.0v5 is not)
I hope this your help.

Mac OS Mojave
+1 # Tommaso Fioretti 2021-12-14 18:13
Replacing the regular stmap with a c_stmap does the trick
-1 # lila lundi 2022-01-04 20:06
Thanks Fabian!
I forgot to mention It's running on an IMAC Pro with OS Big Sur
0 # matteo bacci 2021-12-13 17:37
it s happening a weird thing on the scene i m working one....
each time i open a scene that use dasgrain i find the node inputs no more attacched to their source....does anyone experiment this weird behaviour?
+1 # Fabian Holtz 2021-12-13 19:56
Hi Matteo,
Did you turn the group into a gizmo? As a group it shouldn't happen. If you want an update that works as a gizmo as well send me a mail.
+1 # Fabian Holtz 2022-01-05 23:55
Hi everyone,
just an update about the crashing, Foundry confirmed that there is a bug with the STMap node in Nuke 13.1 which I hope they will fix in the next version: https://support.foundry.com/hc/en-us/articles/4412411756690
If you have NukeX, you can replace the STMap node inside DasGrain -> VoronoiScatter with a C_STMap (make sure the filter is set to impulse), that seems to work.
0 # lila lundi 2022-01-06 02:01
Thanks for this tip Fabian!
That definitely stopped the Nuke crashing when selecting scatter, but now the grain isn't moving. Any idea why that might be?
+2 # Fabian Holtz 2022-01-06 02:48
Hi Lila, check if the UV channels have been set to rgb
-1 # lila lundi 2022-01-06 03:04
Thanks so much Fabian! So happy to be using Dasgrain again!
0 # Way the 2022-03-16 01:58
c_stmap is working , but this is slow
0 # Sathish Kumar 2022-03-11 12:57
Hi, Thanks for the Gizmo. We are using 1.4 which works fine in 10.5 and 11 versions of Nuke with an issue where a line is shown post-render. With DasGrain 1.8 has a solution been arrived for Deadline render? Please let me know if you have a solution to both the above issues.
0 # Fabian Holtz 2022-03-11 21:49
Hmm, I'm not sure where that line could come from. Can you send me a screenshot via email?
I haven't found a solution for the deadline issue. It's weird, many people seem to be using DasGrain and deadline without any problem
0 # Sathish Kumar 2022-03-12 02:10
Sure, Can I have your email ID? Not sure where to get it as I am new here.
+2 # Fabian Holtz 2022-03-13 05:51
It's in the Info tab of the tool.
0 # Dain Paras 2022-03-19 09:48
Crashing on Nuke 13 when activating the replace grain feature.
-1 # Dain Paras 2022-03-19 09:50
Quoting Dain Paras:
Crashing on Nuke 13 when activating the replace grain feature.

Nuke 13.1v1 for MAC
+1 # Fabian Holtz 2022-03-20 05:57
Yes, that's a known issue for Nuke 13.1v1 (see a few comments above)
Try updating Nuke.
+2 # Dain Paras 2022-03-19 09:50
Quoting Dain Paras:
Crashing on Nuke 13 when activating the replace grain feature.

Nuke 13.1v1 for MAC
+2 # Dan Bradham 2022-04-15 00:19
Fabian, great work on this tool! I have some information on this Deadline issue that several others have reported here:

"ERROR: Group1.Multiply 6.value: Nothing is named "parent.luminance""

The problem lies within the Nuke plugin for Deadline. Prior to rendering on Deadline the Nuke plugin remaps file paths in your Nuke script. In order to remap your file paths, the plugin replaces all "\" with "/" in the text of the Nuke script, remaps the paths, and finally saves out a temporary Nuke script to render. The problem with this behavior is that there are Python scripts embedded in the DasGrain Group with new line characters "\n" and maybe some other valid uses of "\" that become corrupted in the temporary render script. You may be able to fix these issues at the source Fabian by attempting to eliminate all "\" in your Python expressions.

For those of you looking for a solution now here is what you can do:

1. Copy the Nuke plugin in your deadline repo from "plugins/Nuke" to "custom/plugins/Nuke".
2. Open "custom/plugins /Nuke/Nuke.py" and change line 404
self.pathMappin gWithFilePermis sionFix( sceneFilename, self.TempSceneF ilename, ("\\[","\\", "_TCL_ESCAPE_") , ("_TCL_ESCAPE_" , "/", "\\[") )
self.pathMappin gWithFilePermis sionFix( sceneFilename, self.TempSceneF ilename, (), () )

By replacing this line you are preventing Deadline from replacing "\" with "/" and therefore preventing the DasGrain Group from being corrupted. I'm actually surprised that I haven't run into this issue with others tools on Deadline because the way they are haphazardly doing string replacements here is very dangerous!
+4 # Charles Collyer 2022-05-06 18:45
i noticed when i reopen comps that I've used it in. v1.8 disconnects from anything connected to it. is that normal behaviour? i connected dots to it so it's easier to reconnect, but it'd be better that it didn't do that at all. i'm running nuke 13.1v2 and it does that.
0 # Joe Censoplano 2022-06-22 21:24
Im have the same issue as Charles. Whenever I save and reopen a nuke 13 script, all the inputs to Das grain are disconnected. is there a fix on the horizon ?
0 # Lukas Remis 2022-07-27 10:04
I had the same issue in Nuke 13. What solved the problem was, instead of converting the tools to gizmos, I have just added the DasGrain.nk to my gizmo folder and it's loading as ToolSet. When using that the connections are OK after reopening the script.
0 # Carlos Perez 2022-06-27 00:22
Hello, I'm having issues in Nuke 13. It keeps crashing after I analyze and adjust. I'm a student so I'm still a novice in the process of nuke and it's scripting. Is this a normal issue and is there a way to resolve this?
+3 # Joseph Chen 2022-07-26 02:34
Hi, I have the losing connection issue with my nuke script too. I'm using Nuke12.1v3 and DasGrain v1.8.
0 # matteo bacci 2023-01-04 11:44
Quoting Joseph Chen:
Hi, I have the losing connection issue with my nuke script too. I'm using Nuke12.1v3 and DasGrain v1.8.

i have tried more than once to solve it with no luck, cannot understand what have to do...
0 # matteo bacci 2023-01-04 11:44
Quoting Joseph Chen:
Hi, I have the losing connection issue with my nuke script too. I'm using Nuke12.1v3 and DasGrain v1.8.

i have tried more than once to solve it with no luck, cannot understand what have to do...
-1 # Golan Bend 2022-08-03 10:47
Hi, I wanted to let you know that I'm having issues with Dasgrain in Nuke(x).13. For some reason the analysing function doesn't work correctly.
I don't get a error message, but when I'm looking in the adjustment tab, the r,g,b channels are a constant of 0.
+1 # Golan Bend 2022-08-03 10:47
Hi, I wanted to let you know that I'm having issues with Dasgrain in Nuke(x).13. For some reason the analysing function doesn't work correctly.
I don't get a error message, but when I'm looking in the adjustment tab, the r,g,b channels are a constant of 0.
+2 # Jose Enriquez 2022-11-03 16:52

Fantastic tool, we are currently facing some issues on the farm in my studio.

Some sections on the farm when using masks are getting stuck, producing static noise, but rendering in GUI mode works fine. It is just on the farm when this happens. Checked on Nuke 12 and Nuke 13.
-1 # Starling Fernandez 2023-01-09 02:55
In nuke 14 it doesn't work. :sad:
0 # Jack McAllan 2023-01-15 00:33
Ever since I installed a 4090 GPU, I get the "Error compiling kernel for GPU" message, which I can get around by deselecting use GPU in the VoronoiScatter node. However, adapted grain doesn't work at all any more. The colorlookup nodes aren't working. Any ideas of a workaround?
+1 # Clement Poulain 2023-01-16 16:55
DasGrain-1.8 is working correctly with Nuke-13.2v5 here.
One small bug report I would mention though.
If you open Nuke, create a DasGrain node and close Nuke.
The following errors are raised in the terminal:
ERROR: oCIOColorSpace. out_colorspace: Nothing is named "OCIOColorSpace1"
ERROR: oCIOColorSpace. in_colorspace: Nothing is named "OCIOColorSpace1"
Those errors do not seem to interrupt others exit handlers but I'm still early testing this so can't be sure yet.
+2 # Eden Michal 2023-01-30 20:59
Hi!, Thanks for the tool it's really awsome!
I have a problem when I press the "Analyse" button, I get an error which reads "name 'xrange' is not defined. Tnx for helping!
0 # yadnyesh g 2023-02-19 00:28
+1 Same issue
0 # Marie-Josée Parent 2023-03-24 15:52
Quoting Eden Michal:
Hi!, Thanks for the tool it's really awsome!
I have a problem when I press the "Analyse" button, I get an error which reads "name 'xrange' is not defined. Tnx for helping!

same here
0 # Marie-Josée Parent 2023-03-24 16:04
it is fixed with v1.8
0 # Denis Khrushchev 2023-02-19 08:44
Hi there Fabian,
i have same problem

""ERROR: Group1.Multiply 6.value: Nothing is named "parent.luminance""

Because of this error, I tried to use it by setting it as a gizmo. When I change to gizmo and use it, when I open Nuke again, the DasGrain connection is disconnected, so it is difficult to use"
+1 # Denis Khrushchev 2023-02-19 08:44
Advice from Dan Bradham doesnt help me. Please send me fixed version if you have on my email . (I didn't find your email)

Thank you for this great tool!
0 # Albert Johnson 2023-03-01 05:47
Hi guys, can anyone help me to install the plugin to nuke so that I dont have to import this to nuke everytime I need it, and just be there when I need it.
0 # Kyrylo Khomenko 2023-03-25 12:21
I downloaded the "dasgrain" gizmo and it only downloads the "nk" format for me.
Is it possible to get it into gizmo format or how does that even work?
0 # Kyrylo Khomenko 2023-03-25 12:57
Never mind. I already figure out

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