iWhatever v1.1

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Contributor: tiefkuehlbauer
universal intensity mask tool to use intensity masks on any tool/gizmo/... within nuke
11.0, 10.5, 10.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
09 Sep 2019

iWhatever is meant as a universal intensity mask tool. It generates the intensifying effect by blending the increasingly stronger effect recursively onto itself with mattes decreasing in size.

We have also added the group below in clear text, for a straight up copy and paste.

To Use:

Basic setup:


Or (it doesn’t matter if the driver is connected to something or not)


Driver = the effect-causing node

Base = your image to apply the effect to

Mask = the intensity mask to use



After having build your base setup you follow the steps within iWhatever, they should hopefully be self-explanatory and all have tool-tips.

In most cases all you will be:

  1. Click “Grab Driver Node” button
  2. Adjust Steps + Stepblur

In this picture you can see the effect:


TL: Base Image, TR: Base+Image + intensity mask as blue overlay

BL: effect with intensity mask BR: comparison of low step number vs. high step number


The 3rd section of the tool contains options to define which of the values of your driver to intensify, and what to use as your minimum value. As said before, this section will not be needed in most cases.


Now have fun, and if you have any questions or bugs (pretty sure there will be plenty) please contact: [email protected]




Tim & Philipp


Has been testes on windows only and Nuke 10+, but should work on most version (we hope)


 and here is the code for copy n paste:


Please login in order to download these files.


# Marvin Sprengel 2019-09-09 06:03
ah nice, so it did find its way to the outside world!

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