fxT_matteQC v2.6

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Contributor: Tor Andreassen
Website: www.fxtor.net
Tool intended to check roto matte's accuracy, or any other kind of matte for that matter.
12.2, 12.1, 12.0, 11.3, 11.2, 11.1, 11.0, 10.5, 10 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
05 Jun 2021


fxT_matteQC v2.6


This is a QC tool for checking roto-mattes or and other kind of mattes. It works with all formats(format is grabbed from the input), meaning if will work with app spect ratio's, including anamorphic plates.

The node has these QC options: overlay of red, green, or blue, Stencil from plate, premult against BG (grey, checkerboard, or custom color). It's set up in a way so all the user needs to do is pick the QC mode from a dropdown menu, and the rest is hadled by the gizmo, including alpha handeling. For color overlay  the user can control the opacity with a slider. The node is stackable and alpha will carry through so you can have as many of these nodes you want and the alpha will still be correct.



version 2.6 Update:
Minor update, turn off invert by default. Invert only accted on red, green or blue overlay mode.


version 2.5 Update:
Minor internal update to how alpha channel is detected in mask input - now uses an improved method. Tool otherwise functions the same.


version 2.4 Update:
Added another QC mode to the dropdown list.

check core for holes: 
this is an expression that sets the alpha to 0 if the alpha value is below 1, making it easier to see if overlapping shapes are giving you holes in the core of your matte.

version 2.3 Update:
node is now stackable. you can view both red, green, and blue by stacking the nodes together.
The alpha will carry through in stacked nodes (checkbox 'keep matte in alpha channel' needs to be checked for the alpha to carry through).

Keep in mind, the name of the node needs to start at 'fxT_matteQC' for the alpha to carry through. It's based on regEx to only carry through alpha from this group-type, and not get stacked alphas from other nodetypes. Meaning you should not change the start of the name of the node.

added bbox, making it a default option to keep the bbox from the rgb's pipe input.

added pipe alpha throug option: this will disable the modes and show the raw rgb as output with the matte copied into the alpha channel.

python callbacks on the mode-dropdown menu makes the node changes color so its easy to see what mode its in.

- red overlay: makes the node red
- green overlay: makes the node green
- blue overlay: makes the node blue
- stencil from rgb: makes the node black
- premult: grey: makes the node grey
- premult: checkerboard: makes the node the default yellow color.
- premult: custom color: makes the node the default yellow color.
- check core for holes: makes the node the default yellow color.

version 2.2 Update:
efficiency update for speed, stencil mode now also keeps the alpha from the matte input.


version 2.1 Update:
Added invert matte option. Added to have the ability to easily invert the matte in overlay mode.
The checkbox does not affect other modes, as it did not make sense to have it inverted on permult or stencil modes.


fxT matteQC v2.3blue




Install Notes:


To install the Gizmo in it's own nuke menu with the attached menu icon:  please see attached 'init.py' and 'menu.py' files.
Install the Gizmo and icon file according to the paths in the 'init.py' file, or alternetivly change these paths to your own preferred install location.


Please login in order to download these files.


0 # Mark Q Madrid 2015-03-19 19:56
Hi Tor Andreassen, want to see you reel but have a password,
could you share??
0 # Andrew Mumford 2016-08-05 22:22
Really wish this had a "Global" invert matte toggle.

Sure I know it's easy enough to add my own but since you've added so much already.

One of my most "needed" features for roto on soft bright/dark edges so I can check I stay in the middle of the feature spread.
0 # Tor Andreassen 2016-08-07 14:00
Hi Andrew,

If I am getting what you are after correctly; the dropdown option 'stencil from plate' does a similar thing. This option lets you see easily if the matte covers the whole Image or if left over pieces need to be added to the matte. I'll add your requested invert matte on the next release - no problem.
0 # Tor Andreassen 2016-08-14 13:10
Quoting Andrew Mumford:
Really wish this had a "Global" invert matte toggle.

matte invert checkbox has now been added. It only affects the overlay modes; red,green, or blue. As it did not make much sense for me to have that for the premult or stencil modes.
0 # Andrew Mumford 2016-08-15 21:12
Thx Tor
0 # Tor Andreassen 2017-05-06 01:40
v2.3 update:

node is now stackable, and alpha carries through between stacked nodes. this can be used to view red green and blue overlay over the same plate. the alpa also carries through between the stacked nodes. bbox checkbox added and pipe alpha trough checkbox added.

based on what mode you use, the node will also chage color so its easy to see what mode is used in the node-graph.

See changeLog above for for full explanation of the new features

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