Postal v1.0

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Contributor: Isaac Spiegel
Postal is an input connection manager that helps keep scripts neat and organized. It works similar to Stamps with anchored parent nodes and floating child nodes. Postal is a simplified version of Stamps that removes much of the background processes.
11.2, 11.1, 11.0, 10.5 or later
23 Apr 2021

I started using Adrian Pueyo and Alexey Kuchinski’s Stamps tool a little while back and absolutely loved the positive impact it had on my comps. It became much easier to manage read nodes and pipe different aspects of the comp such as masks and CG passes around my script. Eventually, an issue was discovered by the systems team where creating too many stamps would cause issues loading up the script in the future. While this is most likely an issue with the complex pipeline itself and not the actual Stamps tool, I decided to create a boiled down basics version of the Stamps plugin for personal use which won’t cause pipeline issues down the road.

Watch the demo video here:


Postal is great for keeping your Nuke scripts neat and organized. It works similarly to Stamps in which there are anchored parent nodes and floating child nodes. The parents are to be locked to a single node (like a read node or a matte) and the children, linked to the parent, disperse the input around the script as needed. This allows compositors to create a setup in one location and distribute the output around the script without copy/pasting reads or creating a spaghetti bowl of dots and lines. It’s quite easy to use:

  • Select one node to be the anchor for the parent
  • Press F9 on with the anchor selected and type the label for the parent/child pair
  • Postal will create a new parent node and child node with the specified label. 
  • Additional children can be created by clicking the “create child” button in the parent node or by copy/pasting a child and pressing the “connect to parent button” 
  • Watch the demo video above for more details on Postal


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