valueMapper v1.1

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Contributor: Julian Schaedler
Very simple node for value range conversions.
5.2, 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 or later
24 Sep 2011

The valueMapper is a small helper node for value range conversions. If you know the linear() expression in After Effects – that’s what it does. You just pipe in your input property, define the input and output ranges and the node will calculate the correct output value for you. If you’ve ever tried linking the rotation of an object (-13.2 to 27.6 degrees) to its scale (.9 to .17), you might appreciate this node. :) I created it because I was tired of writing the necessary expressions out all the time. I thought about just writing my own function, but I like nodes better than functions, so here we are. :)

It’s pretty self-explanatory (I think), but there’s a lengthy description with a setup example in it, too.

Tested in 5.2, 6.1 and 6.2, but should run without problems in any version since the introduction of user knobs.
Tested on Win and OSX. Don’t see why it shouldn’t work on Linux as well, though. If you run into any problems, please let me know.

New in 1.1:
Added a gamma function to apply to the output range. Output values can be mapped exponentially instead of linearly. Function can be adjusted with the „Gamma Exponent“ slider.

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# Zach Lewis 2011-09-25 14:47
This is great - I love the "fit()" expression in Houdini, and, I believe, linear() in AE does pretty much the same thing - given two ranges of values, and a single value in the first range, it returns the corresponding linearly interpolated value in the second range... right? I'm totally gonna turn your node back into a function :-)

Thanks man!
# Julian Lojek 2011-09-26 04:35
Thanks Zach. :-) Yeah, that's exactly what it does. It's pretty straight-forwar d and all just basic maths, but I liked the idea of putting it into a node. I just like seeing what's going on in my scripts on first glimpse. :-) Have fun with it!

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