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Contributor: Dimitri Breidenbach
Easy to use particle setup to create sparks. Comes with a few animation presets. All current known bugs have been fixed.
12.0, 11.3, 11.2, 11.1, 11.0, 10.5, 10.0, 9.0, 8.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
26 Sep 2020



== Introduction ==

Sparky is a pretty clean and simple setup to add sparks in your shot. It is a particle setup that is rendered through a ScanlineRender. The idea is that you can use it like a simple pre-rendered 2D Element coming from your favorite library, but, the main difference being that you can rotate the sparks, and give them the exact orientation you need.

== Changelogs ==

-Changed the 'output as particles' from a checkbox to a python button. It prevents some strange behaviour from Nuke that doesn't like when a Switch node is plugged to two different type of nodes (2D and Particles in this case).
-Deleted the 'refresh sim' button that was supposed to help fix this behaviour. It's not needed anymore.
-Fixed the seed attribute not properly linked via expression.
-Completed the Example Scene to show every way you can use this tool.

v1.4 :
-Random node got disconnected during my last fix around the Output as Particles, everything should finally be working as intended.

v1.3 (27th of May 2020):

-Made a change for retrocompatibility. (ParticleDirectionalForce was using a knob that was introduced only in Nuke 12)

v1.2 (27th of May 2020) :

-MADE AS A TOOLSET INSTEAD OF A GIZMO ==> To prevent anything breaking while converting to a Gizmo.

----> Install in your \.nuke\ToolSets folder from now on !

-Fixed emitter not inheriting Axis animaion properly. Introduced some type of support to uniform_scaling of the Axis, but it's quite experimental. Dont consider it an exact multiplier!

-Cleaned up 'Apply Preset' script. It shouldn't error anymore if you press Cancel.

-Fixed output as particles to allow to plug into another particle force (bounce, wind,...)

-Added some support for scaling the animation via an Axis node while still keeping a similar look.

-Added a 'Refresh Sim' button if Nuke decides to act up and not refresh your changes.

-Added a few more settings in the 'Advanced Settings' tab to allow you to tweak the motion blur settings.

-Tweaked some values within the sim to react a bite more accordingly to value changes in the Sparky Settings.

-Fixed the 'Particles Seed' not being linked correctly to some nodes.


== Content ==

This tool is delivered with an example .nk scene to see both 2D and 3D workflows.

== Node Details ==


This ToolSet is pretty self-explanatory, but I will highlight a few important settings:

--> Axis and Cam input : While the main goal is to be a 2D pre-rendered option, you can also select to use a 3D camera to track properly with your shot. In this case, you'll have to plug your Camera and an Axis to move the sparks in the 3D space.

--> Presets : While the look of the particles is very important, the emission  rate is definitely a huge part of selling the sparks look. That is why, I decided to add 6 presets that can be loaded from the second tab. These presets will ask you to provide an initial frame and will then apply an animation to the 'Emission Amount' setting.

/!\ Warning: Presets dont work in Nuke Non-Commercial due to some Python Limitation /!\

---- Single Hit Heavy: Heavy hit with a double pop.

---- Single Hit Light : Light pop of sparks.

---- Welding : Expression that will mimic a natural welding feeling.

---- Wavy : Constant sim with some strong variation in birth rate.

---- Constant : Softer variation than the Wavy preset.

---- Loopy : Loops the same pop animation of Sparks.


--> Output As Particles : This will allow you to plug the particles into a Scene node. It will therefore not render any 2D preview anymore. If Sparky doesn't render anything, verify that you didn't check this box by error.

--> Advanced Settings : If you wish to have a wider spread of sparks, or if you decide do animate the Axis to which the sparks are attached, you can access to a few settings that may interest you here.


https://vimeo.com/420973211 Video example of Sparky


The node is deep compatible if you keep it in MultiScanline mode (the default one), but if you want to be 200% sure you are in the right setting, you can check the 'Output Deep' option.


While this tool will never replace the real thing, it will definitely be more than enough when chucked in some background scene, or with some DoF or motionblur. Hopefully you will find some use for it and maybe even learn a little bit more about particles.

For any bug or suggestion, dont hesitate to contact me.

LinkedIN : linkedin.com/in/breidenbachdimitri

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0 # Nicolas Gillard 2020-05-22 08:35
Cool ! I just used it on my last project it's very powerful and useful. Thx Dimitri.
0 # Dimitri Breidenbach 2020-05-25 08:08
Note: Currently, the node doesnt always refresh properly when switching between 2D and particle output if you copy/paste a node. Simply viewing that node will "unlock" the bug.

This seems like a Nuke issue in this case.
0 # Luciano Correa 2020-09-18 18:06
Really cool tool! But i did not find a way to scale the system to my scene size :(
+1 # Dimitri Breidenbach 2020-09-26 01:25
Hey Luciano. Did you try by plugging an Axis and changing it's uniform_scale attribute? I don't see any issue in my test scene.
If you have more details about your problem, I could have a look to see if something was broken.
0 # Austin Brown 2023-06-21 15:59
Hello! Bumping up an old post here I know, BUT. In the FadeOut particle settings node, the seed knob has an expression to "HiddenSeed" which doesn't actually seem to exist anywhere else in the tool. It works fine in my comp but then breaks on the farm for some reason? Anyway just thought I'd flag that, thanks!

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