P_Blood_Hit v4.0

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Contributor: Adam Kelway
A simple particle system with various presets for blood hits. Includes lighting for directionality.
12.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
03 Dec 2019


v4 - Added Channels dropdown for better visibility of outgoing channels. 


Here is a simple particle setup for blood hits for those times when you just can't find the right element in the library. 

The primary use I saw for this was to layer this with library/ FX elements but it can also work on it's own. The library/FX element serving as the base and this system adding those extra pops or spits out the side, towards or away from cam. Could also be used to quickly temp out a version if you are trying to show your FX department what you were hoping for.

There is room for improvement going forward but hopefully people find a use for this. If you like it or have any suggestions please let me know.

ui V4




sample scene

Basic Instructions:

- WARNING - Clicking the presets will clear any local changes you have made so make a copy of the node if you need to.

- The gizmo has an in built camera and light so this will work out of the box. But you can add your own camera or light.

- By default particles orient to your camera. Check the 'Disable Orient to Cam' checkbox if you need to break this.

-The toplight is output as an AOV called 'bloodspec' for downstream control. If you add your own light it will overide any of the light settings in the gizmo (but will still output the AOV) so make changes in your new light node. 

- Make local positional adjustments to your particles with the 'Translate Blood' and 'Rotate Blood' controls.

-You can enable the ParticlePointForce inside the group and adjust the location if you need the blood particles to be drawn towards a particular point in 3d space.


Key Features:

-Eight blood animation presets:
(Left Side Down, Right Side Down, Front Down, Front Arc, Angle to Cam, Left From Cam, Arc From Cam)

-Ability to change the Emitter settings on the fly e.g. spread, size, amount, gravity, wind

-Built in lighting to give your particles some real world lighting control


Known Bugs:

- If you change the Reference Frame, Blood Amount, Seed or some other settings - the cache can sometimes hang and not refresh straight away. A work around is to clear your nuke caches, restart nuke or toggle between presets if you haven't made significant changes.
- The motion blur isn't super pretty but I trust users can make do or improve this for themselves.


Future Possibilities...

- Ability to save and restore a user preset
- Node refresh button to clear stubborn cache
- Add blood mist or break up the particle shapes
- Speed improvements

Thanks to Ben McEwan for some python pointers~  


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