CornerPinAspectRatio_v2 v2.1

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Contributor: Taran Spear
A corner pin node that automatically applies when a 2D tracker name is entered. Also the corner pin ensures the aspect ratio is maintained for the foreground element.
7.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
25 Mar 2013

When a 2D tracker with a four point track is completed, you can simply enter the name of the tracker in this gizmo and provided you have the gizmo attached underneath your foreground element followed by a merge over the background, the corner pin will be applied automatically. The aspect ratio of the foreground image will be maintained and the image will be cropped accordingly. You can decide which frame to use as reference for when cropping the image by entering the frame number you choose in the relevant field.

There is a transform dropdown which enables modifications to be made for the foreground images placement within the four point tracking area. There is also a motion blur dropdown which enables the user to modify the motion blur settings for the cornerpinned element.

If you do require a standard cornerpin result, you can select 'Standard CornerPin' from a dropdown. This will then give you the standard cornerpin effect and also links to the tracker automatically provided you have entered the name of the tracker in the relevant field.

I hope you find it useful!


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0 # Taran Spear 2013-03-09 02:13
I'm afraid there is a problem with the gizmo. In the aspect ratio mode the crop node is continuously cropping on each frame. I am going to update this when I can so as you can select a reference frame for the crop. Apologies for this oversight.

0 # Taran Spear 2013-03-20 16:24
The problem with the crop has now been fixed. I have also included a better motion blur function.


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