ITransform v1.5

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Contributor: Frank Rueter
mask based warper with transform controls
10.0, 9.0, 8.0, 7.1, 7.0, 6.3, 6.2, 6.1, 6.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
25 Jan 2017

v1.5: added 'root warp knob to dial back the overall warp effect. added knob to define the control channel.

To get the root format's centre by default add the following callback to your

# auto center for ITransform
def setCenter():
    n = nuke.thisNode()
    n['center'].setValue((n.width() * 0.5, n.height() * 0.5))

nuke.addOnUserCreate(setCenter, nodeClass='ITransform')

v1.4: fixed non-uniform scale

v1.3: re-implemented the skew knobs which got lost when the new skew paremters where introduces in Nuke

v1.2: updated to deal with non-square pixel aspect


v1.1: added option to not crop the result and fixed expressions to work with stereo projects


ITransform uses the IDisplace node under the hood to warp an image based on a control mask.
It's quite handy for controlled warping as it let's you do anything a normal Transform node does, so it's possible to use tracking data to for animated warps etc.



The controls are just like the regular Transform node (though due to a bug in the current Nuke version the center knob may not set itself correctly upon initial node creation)ITransform_02

Sorry Marcie, didn't have anything else handy.
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0 # balaji k 2010-09-03 11:22
very good option, can u make like this for cornerpin also....

thanks so much
0 # Frank Rueter 2010-10-18 01:53
I guess I could, shouldn't be too hard.
0 # Frank Rueter 2010-10-18 17:22
here it is:
0 # Joseph Zaki 2011-01-12 13:15
Hi Frank, this doesn't seem to be working in 6.2v1.
The ICornerPin is working but I haven't been successful with this one.

0 # Frank Rueter 2011-01-12 19:33
are you getting any errors? I am using this in 6.2 myself without problems as I type this.
0 # Philippe HUBERDEAU 2011-01-29 01:27
Hello Frank,
Thanks a lot for your numerous tools, it really helps.
I noticed that if you have a Transform (i.e. scale >1) before it, the crop tool at the end of the gizmo avoid keeping the extra infos outside the frame. So i added a "crop result" check box to it. But maybe i have missed something on how to handle it with the regular iTransform.
Otherwise, in the transform expression links, there are the ".main" at each end of it that avoid the gizmo to work in a stereo project. When deleted it works like a charm. I had also had the same issue with some of my tools, IMHO It would be nice that Foundry always bypass this last "argument" because it's less likely to use it, and we can add it when necessary. My 2 cents.
Joseph, is this last point fix your problem ?
0 # Frank Rueter 2011-01-29 14:51
Thanks for the info Phillippe, I have updated the gizmo now to include the crop option (could have sworn I had done this at some point) and fixed the expressions.
0 # Dominic Hellier 2011-02-22 17:57
Thanks for the update Frank. Was just going to mention the stereo issue, but you've beaten me to it! Thanks for all the great gizmos
0 # Hamish Schumacher 2011-06-03 19:29
I love this Gizmo, it is great using it on a stereo show w/ CG driving it by depth passes

0 # Ahad Mohebbi 2012-10-11 00:26
Thanks Frank. This is useful and great gizmo for me.
0 # Daniel Hartlehnert 2013-01-26 08:46
I get the following error with v1.4
Transform2.skewX: no such knob
Transform2.{parent.Transform1.skew.main}: no such knob
0 # Frank Rueter 2013-01-26 14:34
which version of Nuke are you using?
0 # Daniel Hartlehnert 2013-01-27 01:03
I am using 6.3v4
0 # Frank Rueter 2013-01-27 01:33
just download v1.2 of this tool. that should work for pre v7 versions of Nuke
0 # David Elices 2014-03-12 21:33
Hey Frank, thanks for the tool.
Is there a version for Nuke7/Nuke8?


0 # Frank Rueter 2014-03-12 23:27
it should work just fine in all versions since it's only a gizmo. I just just in in Nuke 8 yesterday myself. Are you seeing problems?
0 # Aurelien Pira 2014-03-31 08:47
Hi Frank
how are you ?
we are using your itransform gizmo and it help a lot

but we have some weird problem from computer to computer
and from day to another day...

the problem is that inside the gizmo : the main idistort wich take the foward U and V sometime switch to foward nx and ny
so it s not working anymore

so sometimes it work on our computer and not on the farm
sometimes it s not working friday but working on monday

we are on linux with nuke 7

if you have any idea ?
0 # Frank Rueter 2014-03-31 22:58
hm, I have never had this issue and it doesn't sound like a problem with the gizmo itself but rather a Nuke bug.
Is this also happening when you convert the gizmo into group?
Is anybody else seeing this? Let me know if you can reproduce this reliably so I can check here.
0 # Aurelien Pira 2014-04-01 08:45
hi frank thanks for the answer
we found out the problem
so yes we convert the gizmo in group
but the main issue for us is that we have too many layer and channel with a really close name like : foward.u / uv.x // N.x etc
so it seems that nuke don t know wich channel to take
for exemple when i made a remove channel he consider that
in the forward layer there is also the nx channel ...

so what i did is in your copy i create a really different name : and like this i m sure it s nowhere else
in the comp ...

so your gizmo is still working great ;)

have fun with the kiwi ;)
0 # Sujoy Dey 2016-10-30 18:36
Hi this is an awesome gizmo i used in alot of projects in my school but now im trying to install in my home but for some reason nuke isnt reading it. i pasted it in the .nuke directory in the user folder but for some reason its not reading. If anyone can help that will be great
0 # Frank Rueter 2016-11-01 06:35
What do you mean by "pasted it". You mean saved the .gizmo file? What do you mean by "it is not reading"? The gizmo will not automatically create a menu item.
When you hit "x" and type ITransfrom, do you get the gizmo?
If so, have a look at how to install gizmos.

0 # darren coombes 2020-02-11 02:07
I'm getting this error with Nuke 12.0v4...

iTransform.Transform1.skew: Animated knob has been deprecated
0 # Frank Rueter 2020-02-12 23:34
Are you using the latest version? I am not seeing those errors though I am on Nuke12.0v3 will try v4
0 # Sagar More 2020-10-15 18:58
great work !
can i get icornerpin ? Thanks :-)
0 # Sagar More 2020-10-15 18:59
great work !
can i get icornerpin ? Thanks :-)
0 # Frank Rueter 2020-10-15 19:20
0 # Jacob Coy 2021-03-14 01:05
Just wanted you to know that this is literally the only 3rd party node I cant do my job without, so thank you so very much for 8ish years of use on thousands upon thousands of shots and look devs
0 # Frank Rueter 2021-03-14 19:30
Thanks for the kind words. This is the gizmo I use the most often myself actually, so it's great to hear others are getting good milage out of it as well.

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