Liquify v1.2

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Contributor: Mitchell Kehn
My take on the classic 'liquify' brush effect. Painting is entirely self-contained.
11.0, 10.5, 10.0 or later
15 Jul 2019

I've seen several different tools on here seeking to replicate the 'liquify' brush effect. In essence, they're all ways of editing an STmap with a RotoPaint node, and using that to drive an IDistort.

This version is pretty similar, but manages to do it with a bit more of a streamlined workflow by placing the relevant RotoPaint knobs onto the main tab. This lets you work with it similarly to a normal node, without having to pipe in a painted-on STmap or open up a Group to edit a RotoPaint separately. Includes controls to scale, smooth, and smear the warp, as well as just painting it.





Whilst I think this gizmo is a bit nicer than other ways I've seen 'liquify' done before, it does have some issues. It's better, not perfect.

Known issues (with some workarounds):

  • the rotopaint knobs, when shown, override the 'D' hotkey to disable a node.
    • I placed the knobs inside a 'Paint Controls' Group Knob for when you aren't painting. This makes it behave more normally
  • When a brush stroke is selected, a transform widget is shown in the middle of the viewer
    • You can move the widget without it affecting any of the brushstrokes
    • Collapsing the 'Paint Controls' Group hides this viewer overlay
    • Deselecting the selected brushstroke removes the overlay
  • Having several liquifies open in Properties simultaneously can cause unpredictable paint behaviour
    • Same as for Rotos and RotoPaints: keep one open at a time
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0 # Esdras Prudente 2020-06-24 20:30
You are a genius! I loved this node! Thank you so much!
0 # lou cannizzo 2022-06-26 19:25
I notice that I cannot change the frames in the liquify paint node "LIFE" from a single frame to ALL FRAMES
Just wondering if my gizmo is buggy or its the limits of the tool?

Thanks for the tool,

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