Tracker3Dto2D v1.2

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Contributor: Howard Jones
Coverts 3D tracks to a stabilise
6.0 or later
18 Nov 2010
This Gizmo combines a tracker with 'reconcile3D' to extend the stabilise/ match move capabilities to more than one point. A use of which might be to stabilise a camera move so that an element can be roto'd easily before applying the match move back to go into the scene.

Plug in the camera and the source image, copy the appropriate data points - 'create keys' - select tracker points and 'enable, t,r,s' etc, then choose stabilise/ match move/ jitter etc from the transform tab. Smoothing etc can be applied there as with a normal tracker node.

Needs the camera solved thru a 3D tracker programme and the point cloud  x,y,z data.
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0 # Carlos Trijueque 2010-11-23 01:26
NIce, thanks!

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