TransformWarp v1.0

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Contributor: Christian Walentin
This Gizmo is similar to the TransformMasked node but with one big difference. With the mask you define where the transformation is applied how much. The pixels of your mask with a value of 0 won't get touched, the ones with a value of 1 will be transformed like the node is set and values between will be transformed proportional to their value. So you can produce smooth transitions between transformed and not transformed areas.
11.0, 10.5 or later
03 Nov 2018


TransformWarp 01


TransformWarp 02



TransformWarp 03


  • Transform/Transform controls:
Here you can set your tranform values like in the built-in Transform node.
  • Transform/update center to input:
Push this button to get your center centered to your input format.
  • Warp/UV scale:
This value acts as a multiplier to your set transformation values. You can use this for example to animate all transform values at once.
  • Warp/set bbox to:
Here you can decide if you want to keep the bbox of your input or to get the bbox your warp produces.
  • MotionBlur/VectorBlur2 controls:
Here you can set up your motion blur if you want some.
  • MotionBlur/enable MB for still image:
Select this if you want to see a motion blur effect without having an animation.


See the following images for getting an idea what you can do with this gizmo:
TransformWarp 04
TransformWarp 05a
TransformWarp 06
TransformWarp 07
TransformWarp 08
TransformWarp 09
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Literally saves my day! thanks mate!

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