AESequenceExporter v1.2

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Contributor: Matt Brealey
An 'After Effects Exporter' for Hiero
6.3, 7.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
17 May 2013

** Updated 16/05/13 - Fixed issue when using Hiero's debug method **

** Updated 29/04/13 - Now supports Hiero 1.7 and After Effects CS5.5 **


A short while ago I worked on an exporter for Hiero that would allow you to take clips, shots and entire sequences from Hiero into After Effects. It still needs a little bit of love but I thought I'd share in the hope it'd prove useful for a few of you! If you find anything broken, or would like to see additional features added, leave me a comment and I'll see what I can do.

The exporter basically generates a .jsx file that when run inside of After Effects, creates and saves out the project for you. In fact, here's a video :


Features :

Export multiple clips, shots or entire sequences 

Handle settings/retimes get taken into account (these should definitely almost always work...)


Limitations :

Currently will only auto-setup render modules in the .tiff format. For round-tripping with Hiero, you need your exporter render item to be set to .tiff as well (see video)...


Usage :

Unzip and copy both files to '~/.hiero/Python/StartupUI/'

Watch the video :) It's definitely worth pointing out that the script does NOT create the presets for you, it just allows you to add the AEProject exporter into your own presets.


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# Matt Brealey 2013-02-05 16:19
Looks like the video embed didn't make it onto the description page, so here's a link for now :


# Claus Rudolph 2013-02-06 03:21
Hi Matt. This looks very nice!
Where do I have to copy the files for Windows computers?

Thanks a lot!
# Matt Brealey 2013-02-06 04:41
Thanks Claus! On Windows, the path should be C:Program FilesHieroplugi nshieroscriptsP ythonStartupUI
If the folders don't exist, just add them in and Hiero will pick them up. If you have any trouble, let me know.

# Matt Brealey 2013-02-06 04:42
Let's try that again :-) C:/Program Files/Hiero/plu gins/hieroscrip ts/Python/Start upUI
# federico Costa 2013-02-12 06:03
Hello Matt, I tried unsuccessfully to install the script. My path is a little different so i pasted the Py files here:
C:Program FilesThe FoundryHiero1.6 v1plugins where I created the following folders hieroscriptsPythonStartupUI
But it's not working.... any clue?
Thanks a lot!
# federico Costa 2013-02-12 06:04
arrrrr.... same bug as you here I go again
C:/Program Files/The FoundryHiero1.6 v1/plugins where I created the following folders /hieroscripts/P ython/StartupUI
# Peter Strolch 2013-02-18 11:59
Here also same on Windows x64. Can't get this working. Placed them here:
C:/Program Files/The FoundryHiero1.6v1/plugins/hieroscripts/Python/StartupUI

no reaction. Can you update a windows version pls? thanks in advance
# Matt Brealey 2013-02-19 06:36
Hi all,

If you take a look in the 'Running Scripts During Startup' section of Hiero's Python Dev Guide, it details the install folders for each platform. The scripts should work cross platform (I've tested on Mac/Windows here), so let me know if you still can't get it working after checking in the guide! :-)


# Mohamed Selim 2013-03-16 01:50

I'm getting this error while running the jsx script "Unable to execute script at line 43. After Effects error: Unable to call "setValue"becau se of parameter 1. Value 25 out of range 1 to 3."

After Effects CS5
Windows 7
# Matt Brealey 2013-03-18 09:49
Hi Mohamed,

If you could let me know what's on line 43 of the generated .jsx file (it changes dependant on which options you had selected) I'll take a look and see if I can fix the problem.

# Mohamed Selim 2013-03-20 09:48
Here you go:

44 tcEffect.proper ty(4).setValue( 0);
# Matt Brealey 2013-03-21 08:53
Hi Mohamed. Thanks for that. It seems the error is happening when the script tries to add a timecode layer to the current comp. Can you try turning off 'Add Timecode Layer' in the Hiero exporter settings and loading the resultant script again? Cheers! Matt
# Mohamed Selim 2013-03-21 19:59

I did indeed try that and it works fine, is the timecode layer being added in AE essential for the roundtrip?
# Matt Brealey 2013-03-23 10:17
Hi Mohamed, Not at all! It's just for reference in your AE scene. Glad it worked! I'll and try and figure out the bug and update the files...


# Diogo Girondi 2013-04-02 20:01
Awesome! Matt have you checked OpenColorIO for AE from fnord? It's open source and it may help you replace the LogToLin in AE for something more "robust".
# kiyaga edwin 2013-04-12 02:17
i have failed to make it work... windows 7. I have read through the plugins start up.
# Matt Brealey 2013-04-12 03:15
Guest 1 : Awesome, thanks for the heads up! The LogToLin was definitely a temporary solution for now! :-)

Guest 2 : At what point does it not work? Is it not showing up at all in the Shot's exporters list, or is it the actual export that's failing?
# kiyaga edwin 2013-04-12 04:26
it isn't showing up in the shots list. I even tried to select run script in the script editor i don't see anything. My hiero doesn't create the start-up(UI) or even python folders. I tried creating them manully but it has refused.
# Matt Brealey 2013-04-12 04:46
That sounds like it could potentially be a permissions issue. Can you try adding a file called '' to your .hiero/Python/S tartup directory, inside of which you drop the following code :

print "This is working!"

If you then run Hiero, it should show that phrase at the top of the script editor. Can you let me know what happens?
# kiyaga edwin 2013-04-12 07:03
Hello,that is shown at the top of the script editor. What should i do next.
# Matt Brealey 2013-04-12 07:17
With the downloaded scripts also in that folder, are there any errors at the top of the script editor?
# kiyaga edwin 2013-04-12 08:47
When i put those files in the same folder nothing happened. But i don't see the same presets in the folder.
# kiyaga edwin 2013-04-12 08:47
by presets,i mean the ae export presets.
# E Abon 2013-04-23 10:57
Same here. both scripts are in /.hiero/Python/ StartupUI/ and nothing shows up when I try and export the clips other than the defaults.
# Mohamed Selim 2013-04-23 16:02
It won't work with hiero 1.7 yet
# Matt Brealey 2013-04-29 15:43
Hi Everyone,

Apologies for the slight delay, but I have just uploaded v1.1 of the script, which now features support for Hiero 1.7, and After Effects CS 5.5. As always, let me know if you hit any trouble.


# E Abon 2013-04-29 16:19

I still don't get anything in the export tab. Besides putting the two scripts in the .hiero/Python/S tartupUI/ directory do I have to modify anything to point hiero to the scripts?
# Matt Brealey 2013-04-29 16:24
Hi E Abon,

Do you mean that the After Effects presets don't appear down the left hand side of the export window, or that when you do try to create a new custom AE preset, you can't access the 'AE Project' option from the exporter dropdown (containing Transcode, Copy etc...) ? The scripts won't make the preset for you, it just adds in the exporter so when you create your own preset, you can use it as an option.

# E Abon 2013-04-29 16:52

Thanks for the explanation, I was just quickly looking for my export window to match the window in the video. It works like a charm once I created a custom preset.
# Matt Brealey 2013-04-29 16:53
Awesome! Good to know :-)
# kiyaga edwin 2013-04-30 02:19
can someone on windows post a dummys guide or even upload their AE preset. cant get mine to work.
# Jim Menkol 2013-05-15 16:04
Looks like a great preset--thanks! I can't find the .hiero/Python/S tartupUI folder. When I open the folder, there's /contents/Frame works, MacOS, Plugins, and Resources folders. Am I missing something?

Thanks for any help!
# Jim Menkol 2013-05-15 16:30
In addition to the last comment (same user)--

I misread the file directory at first; once I found the .hiero folder, there's not /Python/Startup UI directory, only a uistate.ini file. Do I make my own folder structure?
# Matt Brealey 2013-05-15 17:20
Yep, just make those folders, drop in the presets and you should be good to go!


# Jim Menkol 2013-05-15 18:48
Thanks, Matt.

I have the folders created, installed the scripts, but the exporter doesn't show up when I build the preset. I tried it with and without the, and tried putting them in with the stock exporter scripts, but still no go. Any ideas?
# Matt Brealey 2013-05-16 03:30
Interesting. A few comments up (on April 12th) I posted a quick test to ensure that permissions for that folder were working (do a search for "This is working!" on this page and you should find it...) Can you run that test for me and let me know how you get on?
# Jim Menkol 2013-05-16 10:48
The test script works fine. I looked a little closer at the script editor, and it says there's a "Non-ASCII character 'xd1' in file /AESequenceExpo on line 1, but no encoding declared". Same error shows up for the task script.
# Jim Menkol 2013-05-16 11:11
Got it! Somehow the script got corrupted to something totally different--I just reinstalled it and it works great!

Thanks for your help!!!
# Matt Brealey 2013-05-16 16:11
No problem! Glad you got it working, and just give me a shout if you have any more issues.

# Jim Menkol 2013-05-16 18:45
I guess I spoke a little soon....

The exporter is working--create s a .jsx file that runs in AE, imports the plate, creates the comp, generates a timecode layer and log/lin layer, but it doesn't create a render module. At first I didn't think it would be a big deal, I could just create that render module manually. But when I go to roundtrip back into Hiero, Hiero won't pick up the new version even though the tiff sequence has the same naming that it would've had the exporter created the render module.
# Jim Menkol 2013-05-16 20:13
When I check to add the render module, a dialogue pops up in the script editor:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/Users/ianjohn son/.hiero/Pyth on/StartupUI/AE SequenceExporte", line 35, in writePresetChan ged
hiero.core.debu g( "writePresetChan ged" )
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'debug'

I looked at the .jsx and there's not a command for the render module creation--it is there in the python script however.
# Matt Brealey 2013-05-17 05:29
Good catch! It looks like the debug method has been moved to hiero.core.log. I'm uploading a new version now that should fix the issue. In the meantime, if you want to fix it yourself, open the AESequenceExpor file and completely remove the 2 lines that contain "hiero.core.deb ug".

# Jim Menkol 2013-05-17 08:53
Great! I had a feeling it was something like that and I deleted the first line, but totally missed the second one. I think it's working as it should now--thanks for your prompt help!
# Rafael Giuliano 2014-02-19 19:59
Thanks a lot for the Python Matt. I am just getting some errors.

When running script on after i get this error:
"unable to execute script at line 26. After Effects error: file 'A185_C002_0211 B0.RDC' cannot be imported - files of type ' D3R' cannot be used as sequences.

on line 26 i have this 'footage = app.project.importFile(theSeq);'

And there is no D3R on the script

I tried then to export just one shot but i got another error, now on the retime:
'Task 'AESequenceTask ' reported errors:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/Users/o2/.hie ro/Python/Start upUI/AESequence", line 109, in taskStep retimeValue + float (sourceDuration ) / float (self._item.duration())
UnboundLocalerror: local variable 'sourceDuration ' referenced before assignment

I turn the retime off, re-export it and it worked but stil same error on after.

Thanks for the help Matt.
# Jeroen Ritsema 2014-05-10 23:29
Hey, I have tried to copy these files;
- Python
- StartupUI

Into these destinations;
- C:/Program Files/The Foundry/Hiero1.8v2/Plugins
- C:/Users/~/AppD ata/Roaming/The Foundry/Hiero
- C:/Users/~/.hiero

But I cant seem to make the export function to be available in the export in Hiero.
Does anyone has some advice, did I forget something???

Thank you!
# Michael McReynolds 2014-07-18 16:48
I'm getting an error with RED footage as well. I get an error that says "files of type 'D3R' cannot be used as sequences." I'm unsure as to why it gets the extension backwards. It's suppose to be R3D so I am assuming that this is why AE gets mad.
+1 # Oliver Wolff 2014-10-20 13:09
Works like a dream, even in Hiero 1.8v1 Thanks.

Is it possible to add more file formates supporte? dpx, exr etc.

And maybe a Nuke Studio update, know its still in beta, but would be cool.
# Steven Quinones-Colon 2014-11-10 19:31
Hi Matt,
I'm getting the AE Project from the preset but I don't get the Nuke Render preset. In AE everything comes in fine but I don't have anything in my render Queue
I'm on Hiero 1.8v1 Dec3 2013 Revision 82732
# Steven Quinones-Colon 2014-11-10 20:07
And by the way, I'm not getting any errors in the script editor.
# Oliver Wolff 2015-07-08 08:06
Hi Matt,
I got it to work with dpx files, and i guess it works with other file formate as well.
I create an "dpx" preset in After Effects output module, and then changed the line if (rqi.outputModu les[1].template s[x] == "TIFF Sequence with Alpha") to if (rqi.outputModu les[1].template s[x] == "dpx") in the AESequenceTask. py file.
Then After Effect will use the new "dpx" output module created.
At our facility the default frame padding starts at 1001 so i made sure that the "dpx output modul" also uses this frame padding when rendering.
+2 # Scheglov Dmitry 2015-07-11 14:15
Thank you for the awesome script! Any ideas about making it for the Nuke Studio?
# Matthias Backmann 2018-09-21 09:15
Hi Matt,
is there any chance for an update for Hiero/Nukestudio?

The Exporter is still working (after changing the pyside-version) , but the UI seems to fail.

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