GrainCheck for NukeStudio & Hiero v1.1

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Contributor: Mads Hagbarth Lund
A laplacian like soft effect that allows your to check grain.
9.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
30 Nov 2015

Graincheck for NukeStudio & Hiero is a GLSL shader based Softeffect that allow you to do better quality control on vfx reviews directly in your timeline. It gives you 3 options.

  • Grain Check (Laplacian)
  • Edge Detection (Sobel)
  • Saturation Check

The gizmo uses the GpuOP node, this means that the softeffect will not be rendered, but only shown in the viewport (and SDI output).

Since the shader syntax was changed in Nuke 9.0v7 this softeffect will have a option to toggle between 'Nuke 9.0v7 and above' and '9.0v6 and below'.



Installation Example:

  1. Place the GrainCheck.gizmo file in your \.nuke\ folder (ie \.nuke\GrainCheck.gizmo)
  2. in \.nuke\Python\Startup\ add the following (if the and folders does not exsis, create it): 

    from hiero.ui import registerAction
    from PySide.QtGui import QAction, QIcon
    import nuke

    nuke.load ('GrainCheck')
    action = QAction(QIcon('icons:LUT.png'), 'GrainCheck', None)

  3. Open NukeStudio or Hiero, rightclick a item in the timeline, go to 'Effects', and select 'GrainCheck'

Special thanks to Theodor Groeneboom




  • Added Saturation and Edge Detect shader 


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# Carlos Trijueque 2015-12-02 04:20
Terrific. Thanks man for sharing this (and your other awesome tools).

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