Nuke/Hiero Timecode Calculator v1.0

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Contributor: Matt Brealey
A PySide Timecode Calculator that works in both Nuke AND Hiero
6.3 or later
31 Jul 2012

Here's a quick example of putting together a PySide panel that works in both Nuke and Hiero. It's a (very) basic timecode calculator but I'm hoping it might come in handy for a few of you! Just let me know if there are any questions...


For Nuke, copy this file to '~/.nuke' and add 'import TimecodeCalc' to your file.

For Hiero, copy this file to '~/.hiero/Python/StartupUI/'

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# Howard Jones 2012-08-02 04:24
Great - are you able to add drop frame?

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