CleanChannels v1.0

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Contributor: Henrique Moser
Scans a script for custom layers and offers the chance to delete them. Good for getting rid of viral layers/channels that might have been saved inside .gizmo files or .nk
6.3 or later
13 Sep 2012

CleanChannels v1.0 - created by Henrique Moser, September 2012

This tool scans a tcl script (.gizmo, .nk) looking for added layers. Once it find all custom layers it will display a list to the user to chose which layers/channels should be deleted.

Once the user select the channels to be deleted and click 'Clean Channels' the script will save a new modified/clean file. By default this tool just appends '_clean'  to the end of your filename, but you can always change the name and location for the new file manually.

Nuke deals with custom channels/layers in a very viral way. So after you save a new file it is recommended to restart nuke before opening the new file. (I think the Nuke's behaviour with channels is a bit different depending on its version)

WARNING: you can mess up a gizmo or a nuke script real bad if you delete a custom layer that was actually supposed to exist, so I recommend ALWAYS saving the clean file with a different name. Then if the new file is working correctly you should overwrite the original file (if so you wish).

Enjoy it! And please let me know of any bugs or difficulties you find.



1 - Copy the file to your nuke plugins folder (location varies depending on OS, google it or check Nuke's manual)

2 - Add the following lines in your (create one in case you don't have one):

import CleanChannels
m ='Nodes')
m.addCommand( 'MenuName/Submenu/Clean Channels' , 'CleanChannels.CleanChannels()' )


PS.1: Just change the MenuName and Submenu words to whathever you want. I use the '*HM* toolbox/Utilities'  so that it stays inside the toolbos with my other stuff.

PS.2: This tool should be compatible with other versions of Nuke, but I've tested only on 6.3 for now.

If you're planning on modifying or installing this tool in your studio, please keep a reference to Henrique Moser as the original creator of the tool.
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+1 # Alexey Kuchinski 2012-09-19 04:18
Thanks a lot Henrique, was sick of jumping back and forth to text editors, worked perfect, so far.... :-)
0 # Henrique Moser 2012-09-19 08:32
Great! Alexey, yeah I've mainly created this tool because at the studio I work there were a couple of gizmos that people were using that had some unwanted custom gizmos saved with it and for some reason it was messing up the rgba channels in the Shuffle nodes. Only way to fix the problem was to clean up this custom channels from the script.
0 # oliver Nguyen 2021-10-21 03:26
still good until 2021

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