NukeOps v1.0

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Contributor: Lukáš Duběda
A simple tool designed to make bringing of 3ds Max scene nodes into Nuke a matter of a single click of a button.
6.0, 6.1 or later
15 Feb 2011

NukeOps was designed to be a single button in your 3ds Max interface that when clicked will bring over selected nodes in your 3ds Max scene to your Nuke's 3D comp.

The features are:

  • Simple click: copy selected objects in your 3ds Max scene to the clipboard for simple Ctrl+V (Paste) in your Nuke's node graph.
  • Click + Alt: save out the selected objects in your 3ds Max scene as a series of .chan files. The modified import_chan_file.tcl script will make sure it translates all the 3ds Max camera attributes such as FOV (focal_length), target distance (focal_point) and, of course, correct rotation order.
  • Click + Shif: this is a cool one. It will take all your selected nodes in the 3ds Max scene and generates a full Nuke script in your clipboard, so as soon as you Paste (Ctrl+V) the script in your Nuke's node graph, it'll lik all the points and cameras to a Scene node and will automatically create a Scanline Render node with a Constant node linked in as well, so you're instantly setup for heavy 3D comping or projections brought in directly from the 3ds Max session.
  • Ctrl + xxx : any combination of the above keys pressed together with the CTRL will copy or generate .chan files only on the currently active frame in 3ds Max, so you don't generate animated data in your Nuke comp. This is great for bringing over static point helpers (locators, Axis) or geometry, or even cameras used for projection.

Another, very cool, feature is, when a camera is animated, the script will automatically generate a custom User Knob with a check box and a spinner that will lock the camera, when checked, on the frame selected in the spinner. Very useful for locking out cameras that were animated for projections etc...

For a much more detailed overview and workflow of this script, please take a look at my blog:

The script is provided under the Creative Commons Attribution 3 license, so feel free to modify and share alike.


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