Profiling Stylesheet v1.0

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Contributor: Michael De Caria
A stylesheet for viewing performance profile xml files in browser
11.0, 10.5, 10.0, 9.0 or later
01 Oct 2017

Nuke has an option to output performance information on render completion that will automatically be written to an XML file when Nuke is run with “-Pf ”.

All profiles written out embed a reference to an XSL stylesheet called testStylesheet.xsl

With help from a good friend of mine, I have been able to provide a stylesheet that can be used as a way to view these profiles in something like a web browser.

This stylesheet provides all the same information as the profiile however with a better way to visualize it as well as sorting capabilities. 

I have an interactive demo on my website:

Interactive Profiling Stylesheet Demo

Below is a preview image of a profile viewed with the stylesheet




To get started:

1. Place the downloaded testStylesheet.xsl into the same folder as generated profile

2. Open the profile in your browser of choice (can't warrent it will work in all browsers)


This stylesheet should be more thought as starting point for anyone who would like to make their own, as this stylesheet is fairly basic.

Thank again to my friend Will for helping me out of this.

- Michael


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0 # Mitja Müller-Jend 2017-10-04 05:26
Awesome, thank you for implementing this!
0 # Parimal Desai 2017-10-04 06:12
Thanks for sharing, very useful to visualize profiling data.

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