cubicProjection v1.0

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Contributor: Elias Ericsson Rydberg
Project latlong or other maps as six 2K cubic tiles onto your scene geometry with this quick setup.
6.3 or later
27 Feb 2012

This python script creates a cubic projection setup to project ie. environment maps onto nuke geometry. By tweaking your geometry you can create an environment that is spatially adjusted. Either by rendering out a z-depth channel or exporting the geometry as is.

To install the python script, add the following lines to your in your .nuke directory:

import cubicProjection
t = nuke.toolBar('Nodes')
toolMenu = t.addMenu('Custom menu name')
toolMenu.addCommand('Cubic Projection Setup', 'cubicProjection.cubicProjection()')
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# XIAObao CHAN 2012-09-06 05:47
Hi Elias ,
Thanks for your script.

I upload the .zip including the .nk file as a toolset and your script after rearranging the nodes .

The following lines could work as well.
# add the

import cubicProjection'Nodes').addCommand('3D/Shader/CubicProjection', 'cubicProjectio n.cubicProjecti on()')

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